Ergonomics Coordinator Certificates

The University of Fredericton is pleased to offer this comprehensive certificate in Ergonomics.  The two-course Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate is comprised of the Foundations and Advanced courses. Upon completion of the first two courses, you will receive your Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate.*

*Students may choose to move on to the Applied Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate at that time and need only to complete the Guide Practicum to receive the Applied Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate.

Why this program is needed: Designed to enable workplace safety personnel and health professionals to deal with ergonomics issues that often arise in the workplace from poor design of workstations and workplaces, this comprehensive ergonomics course introduces an integrated approach to Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention using major North American ergonomics guidelines.

For whom this program is designed: Professions and occupations having particular interest in this course: Health and Safety Professionals, Safety Advisors and Officers, Health and Safety Committee members, Industrial Hygienists, Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Human Resource and Personnel Managers, Insurance Providers, Disability Managers, Case Managers, Nurses, Union Leaders, and Business Managers.

Our goal: This Certificate will equip graduates with ergonomic skills to enable them to address MSD issues in their workplace, as well as enabling effective prevention programs to minimize MSD risks.

  • Be familiar with ergonomics requirements in various local and global  jurisdictions
  • Understand how psychological and social factors can lead to increased MSD reporting in the workplace
  • Conduct computer workstation assessments and make
  • Conduct industrial ergonomics assessments
  • Determine risk of MSD based on task analysis
  • Devise ergonomics risk controls using the hierarchy of risk control
  • Create a physical demands description of a job
  • Implement participative ergonomics projects and programs in the workplace

Timeline: The first two courses, Ergonomics Foundations and Advanced Ergonomics, are each eight weeks in length and the courses generally run back-to-back with a one week break in-between.

The Online Experience The course is delivered completely online with weekly online classroom sessions. Students will participate in “live” and interactive seminars and/or conferences with experienced instructors.

Tuition for the Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate course is $1920.00 CAD.

Tuition is payable up-front or course-at-a-time.  Each course is $950 CAD plus $10 for the library access. There is one required textbook which is not included in the tuition.

Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate

ERG 112 - Ergonomics Foundations

ERG 221 - Advanced Ergonomics

Upon the successful completion of the Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate, you may enroll in the Ergonomics Coordinator Guided Practicum to attain an Applied Ergonomics Coordinator Certificate.

Upcoming Start Dates:

May 8, September 4

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