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The University of Fredericton (UFred) is a fully-online, degree-granting institution offering certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Founded and based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, UFred takes exceptional pride in its offering of innovative, relevant online education that emphasizes leadership development and lifelong learning.

UFred offers a unique, completely online learning experience that supports the academic and professional goals of its constituents. Through approachable, friendly support and service, we are devoted to creating student success.

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Our programs are designed for working professionals who are looking to move their careers forward. Learn more about how to get started today.

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We're proud to have a unique, diverse community of students that spans every province and territory in Canada, as well as around the world. Learn more about how to connect with our community here.

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UFred celebrate the accolades, achievements, and accomplishments of our esteemed faculty, who actively work to contribute to their disciplines and their fields through a range of methods.

The University of Fredericton (UFred) has joined an international coalition to create universal standards for health and safety training to reduce workplace injury and death around the world.

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The University of Fredericton, one of Canada’s largest online accredited universities, is joining an international call to action to create healthier and safer workplaces…

The University of Fredericton (UFred) is pleased to announce that three of its health and safety programs have been recognized in the 2017 Canadian…

The IFS is a part of the Global Capstone Project and is being held in Amsterdam. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the complexity of doing business in the global economy and will apply concepts and theories to real-world business scenarios.