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A Focus on Leadership Performance

At Sandermoen, we focus on the essence of Leadership for personal, corporate, and organizational success. We recognize the importance of managing the day-to-day operations of an enterprise to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and that the pressures to do so are only getting greater. However, an enterprise needs much more than that for long-term survival. In today’s rapidly-evolving world, those who wish to join an organization’s leadership team must expand their ability to see key influential forces at play, to understand the opportunities and risks such forces present, and to re-shape their organization and its offerings accordingly. At Sandermoen, we focus on seven leadership themes, Global Leadership, Innovation Leadership, Social Enterprise Leadership, Health & Safety Leadership, Real Estate LeadershipHuman Resource Leadership and Business Analytics Leadership, that are both relevant and imperative for effectively dealing with the challenges of change and organizational sustainability.

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Sandermoen School of Business Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values

Sandermoen School of Business Vision

To be a leader in the global evolution of business education, providing leadership through the development of capable and ethical business leaders to meet the demands of an increasingly global, multicultural, and complex world.


The Sandermoen School of Business is a modelled life-long learning business education provider. We are committed to remaining a leader in online education through the delivery of innovative, relevant educational programs that expand and advance levels of understanding and knowledge that significantly contributes to the achievement of a student’s academic and/or professional career goals.  Our commitment to utilizing leading-edge technology, our accessibility and affordability, our unwavering student support, and our institutional dedication to excellence in teaching, all provide a collaborative environment that encourages lifelong and socially beneficial global learning.


The Sandermoen School of Business provides quality and easily accessible online learning programs that meet student needs for career and personal development and offers excellent value for the investment. Through our various fully approved and accredited degree programs, the Sandermoen School of Business provides a high quality, flexible learning community conducive to enhancing the development of our diverse, global student body.


The Sandermoen School of Business is student-centered, providing an environment for intellectual and social development through learning and leading.

We adhere to the following values:

  • Exercising integrity in all our decisions and interactions
  • Conducing inquiry in the quest for knowledge and learning
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders
  • Providing excellence in service to students, partners, and communities
  • Treating all persons with dignity and respect; while valuing diverse perspectives
  • Maintaining compliance with established regulatory and academic standards
  • Creating superior value for our students
  • Embracing change

Built by Professionals

Our programs and courses have been designed by a special corps of highly qualified professors who have deep and successful career experiences in both professional business and academic practice, and who are determined to provide you with an education that is thorough, engaging, challenging and relevant to the profession of management. To bring these designs to life, the Sandermoen School of Business, at the University of Fredericton, has built a team of e-Learning specialists who are second to none in this field. Our team strives to provide the most advanced learning environment using our current set of tools, while at the same time seeking the latest instructional technologies and online groupware tools as they emerge.

About the Sandermoen Name

The Sandermoen School of Business is named after Kjetil Sandermoen, founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the University of Fredericton.


Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


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