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Wendy’s Story: Finding Confidence in a New Role



Wendy Bennett was appointed the executive director of AgSafe, British Columbia’s agriculture health and safety association, four years ago. Initially, she was unsure she had the skills and abilities needed to do the job.
“There was nothing short of terror,” she said. “I certainly didn’t have the educational background for it, although I have a good education.”
Despite soliciting the help of a formal mentor, Wendy still felt she could improve – this is when she decided she wanted to pursue further education. She saw UFred’s Executive MBA program with a specialty stream in Health and Safety Leadership during a promotion run by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), of which she is a member.
“When I read the description of each of the courses, it defined my job description.”

Wendy said that along with the coursework, learning from her peers and classmates and using their examples helped make her organization stronger and better. With her EMBA from UFred, Wendy believes she can now perform her job with confidence, and that it’s also benefitted the people she works with.
“I really, really believe that I have an opportunity to help my organization to grow and to be really successful in the future,” she said.

Wendy’s classroom experience gave her the confidence to communicate effectively to every level of her organization. She also sees a difference in how she deals with not only staff, but also in how she interacts with board members. She said the ability to be convincing and speak properly with regards to governance and how a board of directors can function optimally is something she previously wasn’t as skilled in.
“I can work with my board of directors to do a better job with strategic planning to move our organization into the future,” she said.
While Wendy admits the EMBA program is a lot of work, it’s satisfying at the end of the day.
“Nothing worth having comes easily… I think anybody who wants to take their career to the next level, they need to have the broad spectrum of the education that this EMBA provides,” she added.


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