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Checking one off the bucket list: MBA flexibility, collaboration a necessity for Emiliano Introcaso’s MBA experience

Earning an MBA is a bucket list item for Emiliano Introcaso. However, with a family at home, working full-time time at Export Development Canada, and teaching post-secondary courses part-time, he thought throwing post-secondary education into the mix might be too much to juggle.
Due to his work and personal schedule, Emiliano was looking for a program that was flexible, that he could access from anywhere, and without the isolation he experienced with other online courses.
A friend mentioned they had done some research into the University of Fredericton as a potential option for attaining an MBA. Upon learning about the Global Leadership stream, Emiliano thought it was a good fit for his lifestyle and career goals.
“The live virtual classes allow me to connect with my professors and classmates on a weekly basis,” he said. “And I’ve literally attended live classes while on vacation or while travelling for business.”
Emiliano was skeptical about how effective collaboration would be with his classmates at the graduate level, but he says it turned out to be “extremely helpful” to work with other professionals who have similar goals in mind.
He added that much of what he has learned has contributed to the success of his team at work and he uses some of his professors’ teaching techniques in the International Business and Supply Chain Management course he teaches at Seneca College.

“The professors not only lecture, but they coach you through thought-provoking discussions and assignments that expose you to many different situations. In some cases, these situations turn out to be real problems that you face at work for the duration of the program and beyond,” he said.
Emiliano said the highlight of his UFred experience is being able to apply what he learns immediately.
“There is always something new that you learn from the professors, our readings, and, most importantly, from our peers that you can always use to your advantage at work,” he said.
“This makes you not only a better asset to your organization, but also a well-rounded individual that can assist coworkers and managers at work, or even a friend or family member that needs help solving a particular problem.”
Throughout his MBA experience, Emiliano believes he’s become a better communicator and that he can help his peers by sharing the experiences he had before joining the MBA program. But, most importantly, he’s able to show his kids that it’s not only experience that propels a career.
“An academic credential, along with hard work, is the right combination to offer current and future employers,” he said.
Emiliano notes that if you’re a busy person like he is, there are some sacrifices you will have to make to balance your learning journey.
“Just know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that all the hard work pays off,” he said.
Emiliano is just a few courses away from finishing his MBA.
“My very first goal after finishing my education is to take my family on a very special vacation where I can thank them for bearing with me these last few years,” he said.
Beyond that, he looks forward to growing in his career and using his experience and education in a way that is beneficial to his organizations and the clients he serves.
Click here to learn more about the Global Leadership specialty stream of our MBA program.

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