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Alberta Sports Hall of Famer Anton Joseph accelerates career at UFred

Anton Joseph wishes he started the process of attaining his MBA sooner.
“Don’t wait for the right time to start your graduate work. The sooner you start, the sooner you can achieve a higher level of success in your career,” he said.
Anton is the Executive Director of Strive Fitness and Athletics in Calgary, Alta., as well as the General Manager for the Calgary Colts Canadian Junior Football Team. With a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Wellness, he has worked closely with professional athletes and teams including the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Calgary Stampeders and programmed workouts to develop strength, power, agility and speed of his clients. He’s even been inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.
The University of Fredericton (UFred) student decided to pursue an MBA to differentiate himself from others in the industry.
“I felt UFred provided the best option – flexibility wise – for me to continue working in my career while attending school,” he said.
Even though Anton’s career is sport and fitness related, it includes business development, social media marketing, customer experience enhancement, and more. He also created coaching and education for industry professionals, as well as community-based programs and initiatives. The Innovation Leadership stream of the MBA program was a good fit for his career goals as it was designed for those who seek new opportunities for creative approaches and growth, whether that be through new products, markets, processes or organizational structures.
Anton says the highlight of his MBA experience so far has been learning and expanding on experiences and knowledge that his undergraduate degree and work background has not covered. The ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals from all over the world is a bonus.
“Our learning platform allows the opportunity for flexibility in the learning environment including multiple methods to communicate such as web platform, email, Skype, Google docs, phone, etc.,” he said.
The most important thing he learned so far is the importance of communicating better with employees and clients.
“Possessing the ability to manage and retain both staff and clients is extremely important.”
In addition, Anton believes earning his MBA will add more credibility to a role in an upper management position in his newly-discovered career. He hopes to work as an executive director with a professional sports team someday.
“I feel my UFred education will help provide me with the key elements required to achieve this goal. I wanted to work my way into a sports management position. Because of the MBA program at UFred, I have been able to break into the world of sport management and begin the shift in my career aspirations.”

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