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A few of the many benefits of the SHEM Diploma:

Our online Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM) is designed for existing safety practitioners and is the first diploma level program offered online at this academic level. Students will find themselves stretched by new critical thinking skills and bring a much richer professional perspective to their daily practice.


Our SHEM program provides students with the knowledge required to develop, implement and evaluate occupational health and safety programs and systems in the workplace. Demand for competent health and safety practitioners is increasing steadily and is forecast to accelerate in the future. In today’s competitive workforce, practitioners must bring not just life experience and motivation, but real, tangible educational credentials and skills.

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UFred's Online Ecosystem

Fair Pricing

Our 100% online environment means low training costs, reductions in training time, elimination of travel requirements, plus improvement in staff retention and productivity. With no bricks and mortar campus to maintain, our low overhead translates to cost savings for our students.

Freedom to Learn

The open registration format of the CHSEP program frees you from traditional academic calendar schedules, giving you the flexibility to learn when it best suits your schedule. Everything you need to accomplish the learning objectives is provided via internet delivery.

Online Campus

Students at the University of Fredericton receive the same high-quality education, networking opportunities and collaboration obtained from an on-campus program. Students interact with professors and peers on an ongoing basis.


UFred offers online resources for its students to take advantage of, including a library and bookstore to assist in the efficiency and learning of each program. In addition, personal support is provided through the presence of UFred advisors, peer support and instructor office hours.

Speak With A Recruitment Advisor

Each potential student is provided personal guidance and support through the presence of a UFred recruitment advisor. For more information about the University or to contact one of our advisors, click on a button below.

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SHEM Course Structure & Details

Course Details
All students begin the program with six core of six required courses and two elective courses. To learn more about these courses click on the arrow.

Organizational Dynamics (SHEM 111)

This course will walk through the nature of work and ask the fundamental “why” do organizations exist in their current structure and how to leverage that knowledge in every aspect of management. This course looks at organizations from their outermost structures through to their innermost inherent beliefs that guide behaviours and create culture. This course offers students an opportunity to be exposed to a number of topics related to Organizational Dynamics and provides an understanding of Organizational Behaviour

Ergonomics Foundations (ERG 112)

This course will focus on the issues that may arise from the design of a workplace that is not ergonomic. The primary concern of the course will be on preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as back injuries and upper extremity repetitive strain injuries.

Psycho-Social Hazards (SHEM 113)

Taught from the perspective of a senior social worker, this course has been adapted from one taught by this instructor at Dalhousie University over the years. Although highlighting many of the normal elements of the subject, the social orientation of the content is refreshing and helps students understand the subject from a more human, less sterile perspective.

Environmental Management (SHEM 114)

Environmental management has been merging into general safety management practice since at least the early 1990s. Successful safety management requires that practitioners grasp foundational principles of ecology as they relate to industrial and public operations across sectors and jurisdictions.

Risk Assessment (SHEM 115)

This course is designed to train practitioners of occupational health and safety how to organize and develop risk assessment processes in the workplace in order to reduce accidents and incidents. The course describes techniques in identifying hazards and applying factors to assess risk and determine a course of action.

Disability Management Introduction (IDMP 311)

This course introduces an interdisciplinary approach to the concepts and practices of disability management, and addresses how to design, implement and market an effective integrated disability management program.

Advanced Ergonomics (ERG 221)

This course is designed to train sophisticated practitioners of occupational health and safety how to coordinate ergonomics activities for the prevention and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. Using standard ergonomics assessment tools and thresholds provide participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct ergonomics assessments of computer workstations and industrial tasks, implement effective ergonomic solutions and educate and train in ergonomics issues.

Disability Management Essential Program Elements (IDMP 312)

This course covers topics such as OH&S professionals – their roles and contributions to disability management, an overview of ergonomics, stakeholder education and training in disability management (2 sessions), joint labour-management support and involvement in an integrated disability management program, advanced program evaluation, legal aspects (an advanced perspective) of disability management and effective workplace attendance support and assistance programs.

Effective Communication and Interviewing (IDMP 315)

Effective disability management relies on open communication and the understanding of complex personal dynamics. Through effective communication and advanced interviewing skills, disability managers gain critical insight into case dynamics. This course focuses on developing those important communication channels and instilling individuals with the necessary interviewing skills.

Modern Training Systems (SHEM 222)

This course assumes the learner has already acquired knowledge and skill in the design and delivery of effective training, including adult learning principles, learning needs analysis, the curriculum development process, learning assessment, learning/training styles, etc.

Canadian OHS Law (SHEM 224)

Students will learn the essential elements of the Canadian legal system, its application to OHS law, and the setting, communication and enforcement of OHS legal standards. Case studies, practical application of the law and understanding how the law relates to OHS management systems will all be important themes throughout all the course modules.

Program Tuition & Fees

2019-2020 Academic Year (CAD)

Tuition for the full SHEM program is $5,120 and can be paid all at once or;


Pay by course – each course is $620


There are no additional fees for international students

In addition to tuition there is a $20 library access fee for each course.

It grants students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to our comprehensive online library resources. The online library provides students access to texts, articles, publications and additional resources.

Providing Affordable Education For Working Professionals

At UFred we know that it’s possible to deliver high-quality education while still being affordable. As a fully-online university, we don’t incur the cost of building and maintaining a campus. We are 100% focused on delivering quality education and providing personal student support, advanced technologies and industry-leading instructors.

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Awards & Recognition

The School of Occupational Health and Safety at UFred was selected as a Readers’ Choice award winner in Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) magazine. To read the full Readers Choice Awards edition of Canadian Occupational Safety, click the button below.

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Focused on Delivering Academic Excellence

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Faculty with Industry Experience

UFred has long prided itself on being a leading educator of Occupational Health and Safety professionals. Developed in consultation with an extensive number of leading OHS professionals, our programs help students learn to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of their organizations.


Program Advisory Council

The PAC is a group of volunteers that provides expert advice to a school or department on program-related matters such as trends in the pertaining industry, discipline or profession, learning objectives, curriculum, teaching methodology and program review.


Academic Leadership

UFred is committed to working with leaders in academia who are driven to advance our business programs in an online environment. Our academic leadership team is constantly striving to improve our programs, find industry-leading instructors and build meaningful academic partnerships.

About Our Academics

Interested in the CRSP Designation?

The University of Fredericton (UFred) is excited to offer an innovative CRSP Pathway to students seeking to obtain the CRSP designation. Students would enroll in the Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP) and then proceed through the Diploma in Safety, Health, and Environmental Management (SHEM). UFred has mapped current educational offerings to meet the requirements of the BCRSP, which came into effect July 1, 2018, and will continue with future competencies and degrees.


All About Our Students

It’s given me a whole different outlook and a whole different attitude and approach to health and safety and what needs to be done out in the field.

Shawn Landry

CHSEP + SHEM Programs

OHS Consultant

My experience with the program was incredible. After engaging with the course instructors and my peers, my concerns were quickly eased. There was an endless amount of support, and the online format was very convenient.

Emily Kerr

CHSEP + SHEM Programs


There were weeks where adjustments were required, and the program allows for these variations. This self-discipline was a learning experience in itself and taught me to manage my time and needs.

Dan Steinke

CHSEP + SHEM Programs

OHS & E Manager


Find out if you qualify for the program and learn more about the free application process.

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Our SHEM program requires applicants have:

  • A valid Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) Designation or a University of Fredericton approved Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety*
  • A strong understanding of the English language and business writing


*This OHS Certificate must be equivalent to a minimum of 300 hours of directly related health and safety education.


One of the following must be sent to the University of Fredericton:

  • An official transcript confirming the completion of an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate with a minimum of 300 hours, mailed directly from the college or university
  • Your CRSP designation number

Photocopies of certificates and transcripts are not acceptable documentation.


Technical Requirements

  • Basic computer abilities
  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • A device with internet browsing capabilities
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser
  • MS Office Suite

Application Package

*Once the Online Application form is completed, applicants will receive an email containing the Credit Card Form.

Through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process, potential students of the SHEM program have an opportunity to receive credit for related previous learning.

To apply for a Prior Learning Assessment, contact the Recruitment Department by email:


An Initial assessment fee of $150 will be required. For each course you wish to exempt, there is a $100 fee and you will be required to provide:

  • A detailed résumé*
  • Transcripts from any training institutions you attended
  • Copies of any professional certifications you received
  • Syllabi from any related courses you have taken
  • Any other relevant documentation that provides evidence of your learning


*For consideration of learning through work experience and other background learning, you must supply a detailed résumé that includes all education and training as well as positions held and areas of responsibility for each.

Additional PLA Information

SHEM Start Dates

Application Deadline Course Start Date
April 6, 2020 May 4, 2020

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