Master Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership

Why is this program needed?

The role of the health and safety unit in an organization has been steadily and significantly rising in prominence over the last several decades, in many organizations being transferred into the operations function. This is well-deserved, as the evidence clearly indicates that well-designed and well-managed health and safety programs contribute to a much healthier, more satisfied and more productive workforce. This transfer has the added advantage of a significant financial upside for the organization.

There are limited options available for post-secondary management education that specifically emphasizes health and safety, reducing the ability of health and safety professional to achieve senior-level promotions. This Master Certificate has been designed to further improve the post-secondary education landscape for upwardly-mobile health and safety managers and executives.


The Master Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership is comprised of 4-courses:

  • 3-Health and Safety Leadership curriculum courses
  • 1-Consulting Project course

Finish the program in 7 months:

  • 7-weeks per Health and Safety Leadership curriculum course
  • 7-weeks for the Consulting Project course

The Online Experience

To maximize the global learning experience, students participate in exclusive vClasses (virtual classes) instructed by accomplished leaders from global organizations and post-secondary institutions. Students work on case studies and projects with colleagues from around the world, allowing them the unique ability to grasp complex concepts from a global perspective.

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Health and Safety Leadership Curriculum:

HSL 8040 – The Business Case for OHS Change

A business case attempts to answer the question “Why should my organization invest the proposed resources (both time and money) to implement the proposed action or set of actions?” And typically, the answer incorporates the considerations of alignment with the organization’s strategic direction and goals, resource availability, affordability, financial value (i.e., profitability), social value, and acceptability of risk. In this course we attempt to identify which systemic approaches deliver the greatest financial and social value while maximizing alignment with organizational goals, resource availability, and appetite for risk. And to wrap up, we review Communication Strategies for presenting the business case to the Board of Directors / Executive Management to maximize the probability of approval.

HSL 8041 – Enterprise Risk Management

This course begins with the identification and definition of OHS and OHS-relevant risks, including a discussion of how such enterprise-wide risks are interrelated. We then analyze these risks, especially the downside severity of the outcomes, the organization’s short-term and long-term costs, and the variability and/or statistical uncertainty associated with the different outcomes. We follow with a discussion of best practices in risk mitigation, determined by a measurable reduction of frequency and severity of the negative outcomes, and/or measurable increase in organizational performance, illustrated with several case studies. This course lays the foundation for our subsequent discussion of how the entire organization’s risk management efforts can contribute to the creation and protection of the organization’s financial and social value.

HSL 8042 – Essential Communication and Interpersonal Skills for H&S Leaders

In the significant majority of today’s organizations, leaders cannot be effective using an autocratic leadership style. It is widely accepted and endorsed by practitioners and academics alike that a collaborative leadership style has proven to be most effective, which requires leaders to possess and exhibit a very large array of leadership and interpersonal skills that encourage organizations, and the people within them, to want to move forward. In this course we will focus on enhancing the student’s understanding and skill regarding an essential subset comprising communication (verbal, written and physical), conflict management, negotiation, and change management. In addition to classic pedagogical tools, we will engage a wide variety of complementary tools such as videos, case studies, simulations and role plays. Students of the Essential Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Leaders will be able to demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills valued by management and colleagues to motivate self-awareness and growth within an organization’s stakeholders.


MC 9000 – Consulting Project

The Master’s Certificate consulting project is a capstone course undertaken individually or with one other student. Under the supervision of a faculty member, the student will cooperate with a current organization and identify one or more issues with which the organization needs help. The project will involve the integration and synthesis of relevant knowledge acquired during the three other courses in their Certificate program. The consulting project is practically oriented rather than academic, but the student will need to include a literature review and include a discussion as to why the project is important in their area of study and how they will be applying the new knowledge from their specialty. The final deliverable is an approximately 25-35 double-spaced report which identifies one or more issues the organization faces and well-justified suggestions for how to remedy this situation. Alternatively, the students can write a business startup plan analysis if they themselves want to start a company or a non-profit organization.

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“The fully online format saved time that I would have otherwise spent commuting to class or team meetings. Time is a scarce resource for me, so anything that saves time, and allows me to work more efficiently is valuable.”

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