Master Certificate

Give your career an edge with specialized knowledge through Canada’s fully-online Master Certificates programs

About the program

Our online Master Certificates are designed for working professionals who already possess an advanced degree and are looking to gain specialized knowledge in a particular field in order to add value and enhance the performance of their organizations.

Our Master Certificates will help you sharpen your skill set, and allow you to apply your learning real-time without interrupting your career momentum.

How does it work?


Our Master Certificates program is designed to be completed in 7-months taking one course per session.


Our online Master Certificates are comprised of 4-courses:

  • 3-Leadership Curriculum Courses
  • 1-Consulting Project Course

Finish the program in 7-months:

  • 7-weeks per specialty stream course
  • 7-weeks for the Integration Project course


Live vClasses

Students can expect live lectures, group work, quizzes, exams, papers, and more.


Each course has a mandatory weekly virtual class (vClass) via Cisco WebEx:

  • Professors deliver lectures live
  • Students connect and network with peers and professors
  • Students engage in discussions, presentations, and group work using a range of technologies

Experienced and Accomplished Professors

Sandermoen School of Business professors are located across Canada, the United States, and abroad.


Our faculty are:

  • Highly qualified
  • Credentialed
  • Industry Leaders
  • Diverse

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Networking and Collaboration

Each course presents the opportunity for networking and collaboration with professionals from a wide range of industries and geographic locations.


Collaborations Opportunities May Include (but are not limited to):

  • Group Research Papers
  • Networking with Peers & Professors
  • Regular Class Presentations
  • Final Integration Project Presentation

Affordable Tuition

The Sandermoen School of Business offers affordable tuition and the ability to pay one course at a time. Total tuition for the program $7,416 CAD.



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Master Certificates Applicants should possess:

  • A Master Degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Proficiency in English

*A GMAT score is not required unless explicitly requested by Admissions Review Committee upon submitting application.

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What will I gain?

Studies have shown learning outcomes are equal or superior online

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According to studies over the past decade conducted by Allen & Seaman (2016), 71.4% of educators have found that learning outcomes are equal or superior online.

In a study conducted by Kwolaski, Dolph, & Young (2014), the most important motivating factors for choosing online education are convenience and flexibility, both of which are elements that are at the very core of all UFred education.


Allen, E., & Seaman, J., (2016). Online report card.  Tracking online education in the United States.   Retrieved from

Kowalski, T. J., Dolph, D., & Young, I. P. (2014). Student motives for taking online courses in educational administration. Educational Research Quarterly, 38(1), 27-42.

Online studies can help develop soft-skills, such as delivering presentations

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In a study by Butz & Askim-Lovseth (2015) comparing face-to-face and online MBA students, results showed that online and face-to-face students performed equally. Results also demonstrated that online international students actually performed better in presentation skills, which the authors suggest relates to the removal of typical face-to-face pressures that cause students stress.


Butz, N. T., & Askim-Lovseth, M. K. (2015). Oral communication skills assessment in a synchronous hybrid MBAprogramme: Does attending face-to-face matter for US and international students?  Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 40(4), 624-639. doi:10.1080/02602938.2014.940577

Online learners repeatedly show strong academic performance

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In a large study conducted by Cavanaugh & Jacquemin (2015) of more than 5000 courses and 100 instructors, results showed that online learners had a less than 0.07% GPA difference than those studying face-to-face, which is not considered to be statistically significant, and demonstrates the success of online learners.


Cavanaugh, J. K., & Jacquemin, S. J. (2015). A large sample comparison of grade based student learning outcomes in online vs. face-to-face courses. Online Learning, 19(2), 25-32.


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