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Welcome to the University of Fredericton’s registration page for psychological health and wellness training, offered in partnership with the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC). UFred will provide online psychological health and safety certificate programs at the basic, advanced and managerial levels and course modules based on enhancing workplace resiliency to environmental stressors.

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UFred's Commitment to OHS

UFred has long prided itself on being a leading educator of OHS professionals in Canada and abroad through our fully-online curriculum. With an emphasis on process-based learning and skills, our programs have been specifically designed help enhance your ability to apply OHS knowledge to any workplace environment you may find yourself in while simultaneously enhancing your workplace leadership abilities.


Developed in consultation with an extensive number of leading OHS professionals, our programs help students learn to identify, prioritize and manage workplace risks, poising them to more effectively contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of their organizations.

Aims to Reduce

The goal of this initiative is to reduce costs related to sick time and time away from work that are exacerbated by mental illness and mental health issues. Also to reduce stigma as it relates to mental health in the workplace.

Encourage and Reach Employees

We aim to encourage employees to seek supports as required. Also, proactively reach employees before psychological health and safety issues become systemic, and; enhance the experience of CERC members by providing training at the right time, when it is needed, and in a flexible delivery format.


This training is available only to workers who are members of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC). Eligible parties are able to register below.

Why Invest in OHS?

Safety is now recognized as an essential component of an organization’s overall health. Employers need safety advisors who can provide credible advice on central questions like safety program design, operational risk assessment, incident investigation and analysis, environmental management and more. Without formal academic and professional credentials, safety professionals may now find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Modern safety practitioners who continuously pursue knowledge through OHS education have a healthier understanding of larger questions around corporate culture, relationship based leadership, the significance of leadership in an OHS role and stakeholder engagement than in the past.

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PHS Programs

Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: Basic Level

This introductory course is designed to bring employees of all levels up to speed on basic PHS principles and how to maintain an environment that protects these concepts.


Certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work

The certificate provides in-depth learning on key principles and considerations for managers in supporting employees with psychological health issues.


Advanced Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

This certificate is designed for organizational leaders implementing workplace health and safety management systems for all employees. Those working in supervisory positions will find this Certificate to be beneficial.


Enhancing Workplace Resiliency

This course addresses stress and mental health, realistic thinking, behavioural activation, significance of sleep, relaxation and stress management, thriving in times of stress and more.


Ready to Begin?

Centered around the provision of psychological health and wellness training to various members of CERC, this training includes theory and application. Established by UFred Content Developers and Faculty, who represent Canada’s foremost experts in psychological health and safety education, these programs place emphasis on content related to the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, how to manage psychological health issues at work and on worker resiliency.

UFred’s approach to the design and development of the required training is aimed to enhance participant engagement through interactivity and the use of rich media, as well as a user-friendly educational learning experience that is delivered on-demand.


The form below allows organizations to register and submit payment for up to 24 individuals. For registration of 25 or more individuals, or if you experience any issues submitting this form, please click here for more information or email phs@ufred.ca.

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