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UFred partners with ASSP Region IX to offer discounted OHS programs

The University of Fredericton (UFred) has partnered with the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Region IX to increase access for workers seeking high-quality education in the fields of Psychological Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

As part of the partnership agreement, UFred will offer a 20% discount until Dec. 31, 2020, on the following programs:

Psychological Health and Safety (PH&S)

    • Basic Certificate – Suitable for workers of all levels, this certificate helps organizations bring their employees up-to-speed on their roles in maintaining a psychologically healthy and safe work environment, providing a stronger understanding of PH&S concepts.
    • Advanced Certificate – Those working in supervisory positions within Occupational Health and Safety units, Human Resources departments, or any other department that may be responsible for implementing an overarching organizational health strategy, including mental health, for a body of employees will find this certificate to be beneficial. It consists of the Basic Certificate, plus four additional courses.
    • Manager Certificate – This course provides in-depth learning on key principles and considerations for managers in supporting employees with psychological health issues, as well as enhancing managers’ emotional intelligence skills in managing emotionally distressed employees. This certificate is suitable for those in management roles supporting individual employees experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues or disorders.
    • Enhancing Workplace Resiliency – Teaches effective coping mechanisms and strategies that lead to more productive, healthier, and well-balanced lives, at work and at home.

    The discount also applies to a new Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety that will launch in early 2020.
    ASSP Region IX members include:

    Area 1

    • Kuwait Chapter
    • Middle East Chapter
    • Pakistan Chapter
    • UAE Chapter

    Area 2

    • Egypt Chapter
    • Nigeria Chapter
    • Ecuador Section
    • Mexico Section

    Area 3

    • Andhra Pradesh Chapter
    • India Chapter
    • Maharashtra Chapter
    • Telangana Chapter

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