UFred launches Kuhn Academic Support Centre, expands library to enhance student experience

At UFred, we want our students to excel in their academic pursuits. That’s why we’ve established the Dr. Gordon Kuhn Academic Support Centre (KASC) to provide students with guidance specifically related to academic support and success.

KASC aims to help students streamline their success with FAQs, general study skills, advice on wellness, time management, academic writing skills, networking, and more. It includes a New to UFred section that will help introduce students to online learning and set them up for a productive experience, as well as a Q@UFred submission section to ask questions and refine the services offered to our students.

All of UFred’s programs are delivered entirely online, which offers the convenience of working at your own pace while still being able to maintain work and family commitments. That’s why we’ve also included a help section on some technological aspects you might find useful, like an explanation of our WebEx platform – the platform that delivers our virtual classes.

KASC has been built to enhance the Dr. Gordon Kuhn Library (DGKL), which has been reformatted and expanded with a wider range of resources and tools to help faculty and students with their educational journey. The Health and Safety Library has been updated to include access to SAGE Journals, a full text document database that offers direct access to a variety of online materials. In addition, the new Open Access Library offers guidelines and provides links to helpful services that were vetted for viability and quality.

These services were named for Dr. Gordon Kuhn, a founding professor of the University of Fredericton who genuinely cared about the university and the success of its students.