UFred celebrates the accolades, achievements, and accomplishments of its diverse faculty

The University of Fredericton’s (UFred) commitment to employing outstanding faculty with real world experience is essential to its desire to provide students with a substantial Lifelong Learning Path.  Here, UFred celebrates the accolades, achievements, and accomplishments of its esteemed faculty, who actively work to contribute to their disciplines and their fields through a range of methods.

UFred Faculty, Publishing Academic and Informational Works

Dianne Dyck industry expert disability management For some faculty, this has meant publishing numerous academic and informational resources that add to the discourse of their given areas of expertise. Dianne Dyck RN, BN, MSc, COHN(C), CRSP, UFred Disability Management instructor and leading industry expert, recently released the sixth edition of her text, Disability Management – Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice, 6th Edition, where she highlights the impact of five generations of Disability Management programs in the workplace.  The text provides expert guidance on all aspects of disability management and is suitable for professionals in all fields and at all levels. Dyck began teaching with UFred by filling a void; providing much-needed advanced level courses in Disability Management. She continues to add to the discipline through her various courses, publications, and practice.

Dr Mona Envig UFred online education UFred faculty members share a wealth of industry experience with their students and in general by publishing guides to help future educators. Dr. Mona Engvig MA, PhD, is a member of the Academic Board of the University of Fredericton and faculty member with the Sandermoen School of Business. Engvig has been teaching courses for the Executive MBA and MBA degree programs almost since the beginning and has amassed an abundance of eLearning experience. Through her newest publication, Dr. Engvig will share results from several major studies of eLearners in combination with her own perspective based on her extensive experience in teaching to help guide new educators in modern classrooms.  The object of the book is to help teachers provide students with the best possible learning experience.  Online Education: Practical, Theory-Based Advice for Instructors, released in August 2017.

Dr Donald McCain

Facilitators with UFred also focus on keeping their current publications refreshed and timely. Dr. Donald McCain BA, MDiv, MBA, EdD, is Dean of the Sandermoen School of Business and an Academic Board member at the University of Fredericton. He is the owner of Performance Advantage Group; a consulting organization focused on improving organizational and individual performance with an abundance of consulting experience. Dr. McCain has four published books in total, with one translated into Japanese, and two new editions currently available; Facilitation Basics, 2nd Edition, a complete guide to creating supportive and effective learning environments by improving your facilitation proficiency, and Evaluation Basics, 2nd Edition, a complete guide to developing and implementing evaluation plans for in-class and virtual learning environments.

An oft quoted traditional proverb says, “In teaching others we teach ourselves.” UFred faculty put this into practice with their students, and by imparting their insights through thoughtful publications. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez MS, MBA, PhD,is Principal at IQAnalytics Inc., and an instructor at the Sandermoen School of Business, teaching Business Analytics courses. Dr. Rodriguez has robust experience in analytics and risk management predominantly within the insurance and banking industries.  His two most recent books that delve into the intricacies of Analytics are, The Analytics Process: Strategic and Tactical Steps, released in February of 2017 and, Data Analytics Applications in Latin America and Emerging Economies, scheduled to be released in August 2017.

Award winning research papers are also used by UFred faculty to publish works designed to help businesses grow.  Dr. John Latham MBA, PhD, is the Organization Architect and Founder of Organization Design Studio, Ltd., and the instructor for Governance and Leadership courses in the Executive MBA and MBA programs at the Sandermoen School of Business.  Dr. Latham published his book, [Re]Create the Organization You Really Want!: Leadership and Organization Design for Sustainable Excellence, in October 2016. The book was based on two research studies and associated papers that each won quality management paper of the year awards from the American Society for Quality – 2013 and 2014. It provides the path to help readers make a profit while simultaneously taking care of the environment and society.

Thought Leaders of UFred Sharing Experience and Ideas

James Bowen thought leader Leadership Strategic Management Technology

Members of the UFred faculty are leveraging thought-leadership to engage students and professionals alike in significant topics. Dr. James Bowen BCom, MMgmt, PhD, PMP, CMC, an accomplished academic and professional in the fields of Leadership, Strategic Management, and Technology. Dr. Bowen is the founding Chair of Startup Canada’s Startup Awards and has produced relevant articles of interest to thought leaders with a goal of sharing his knowledge and engaging professionals in necessary conversations. A few select titles are as follows:

Technology Start-ups lead by non-Techies – Entrepreneurship Notes
Hey Entrepreneur, does your Risk Ripple?
KPIs and Metrics – they aren’t reality
Integrity – can we teach/train it?
Can Entrepreneurship be Taught?
Is the world turning evil? The role of education.
The Problem with Business School Entrepreneur Wannabees
The Top Problem Instilling Ethics in Students and Organizations
Leadership in 3 ideas
Dr Rakesh Jetly enhancing workplace resiliencyDr Joti Samra National Standard Psychological Health and Enhancing Workplace Resiliency

Some educators at UFred are using their education, experience, and presence to vastly improve the lives of working Canadians. Dr. Joti Samra, R. Psych., employs her expertise in a wide range of ways, reaching people and professionals of all walks of life who have unique and diverse interests and challenges. From her work with the CSA to produce the first National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, to her regular appearances on national television to speak on topics related to the everyday lives of Canadians, Dhe consistently works to move the dialogue surrounding mental health and psychological health and wellness forward. Dr. Samra is an innovator in the areas of psychological health and wellness and Program Lead for the Centre of Psychological Health Sciences at UFred. Most recently, she has created a new program at UFred called, Enhancing Workplace Resiliency, designed to address the specific needs of individuals navigating and overcoming the impacts of stress at work, in collaboration with Dr. Rakesh Jetly who is Head of the Centre of Excellence in Mental Health, Directorate of Mental Health and an associate professor of psychiatry at Dalhousie University (Halifax), and the University of Ottawa.

Special Appointments and Strategic Vision

Dr David LePage Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy UFred

UFred faculty members David LePage and David Upton have been selected from among a large pool of applicants to leverage their experience to co-create a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy as members of a group of 15-experts chosen by the Government of Canada. LePage has 35-years of experience in non-profit and related fields, and was heavily involved with the development of the Executive MBA/MBA degree program specialty stream in Social Enterprise Leadership at the Sandermoen School of Business. He is also a member of the Program Advisory Council at the University of Fredericton. LePage delivered his talk, “SPP practices – consistency with the Parties’ International trade obligations: a perspective from Canada,” to international guests at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Symposium on Sustainable Government Procurement in Geneva in February 2017.  David Upton has 25-years of experience blending business with social change. He is a co-founder of Common Good Solutions, a founding member of the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia and a Sandermoen School of Business faculty member at the University of Fredericton.

Some faculty members are putting into practice what they teach for the benefit of everyone. Dr. John McFadden BS, MS, PhD teaches Strategic Sustainability Planning, an instructor in both the UFred Executive MBA and MBA of the Sandermoen School of Business at UFred.  He is a Consultant with Cedar City Consulting & Sustainable Forest Products and CEO of the Tennessee Environmental Council.  As part of their commitment to sustainability, the Tennessee Environmental Council has joined forces to arrange for 20,000 volunteers distributed and planted 100,000 native Tennessee trees in one day, spread over the 95 counties of TN. Plans are in the works to increase that number to 250,000 trees in 2018.

Diverse faculty with global impact and reach

The University of Fredericton cannot meet its goals and objectives without attracting educated, experienced instructors with a passion for their individual areas of expertise. Here, UFred showcases just a few of the current accomplishments of these dedicated individuals. UFred students can be certain that they will have everything they need to excel in their studies and have confidence in the distinction of UFred’s faculty.