UFred, a Diverse, Global, Creative Approach to Professional Learning

Students come to the UFred MBA program from all different industries, cultures, and backgrounds. Hear first-hand from Esa Kortelainen about what motivated him to pursue his education at UFred, and the impact that it’s had on his personal and professional life. 

Read current student Esa Kortelainen’s story – In his words:

I am a graduate of the Finnish Defense Forces Army Academy and have a Bachelor degree in Military Arts and Sciences from the Royal Military College of Canada.  I am married to a military Finance Officer, and we have three children of which two have undergraduate degrees.

As a parent and professional officer, I consider it important to set an example and be a positive role model for your children and the organization with which you are employed.  I believe it demonstrates that continuous learning keeps you current or ahead in today’s fast-paced evolving world.  Hearing from my colleagues from within the University of Fredericton (UFred) through online vclasses and group work combined with its flexible online professional level education was a powerful contributor as to why I became interested in UFred’s MBA program.

The UFred education, professors, and the positive learning environment are engaging, and for me, the learning becomes second-nature or “hobby-like” which inspires me to “dig” deeper than just the required course material.  The UFred MBA program has assisted me personally to think globally and creatively.  The online discussion forums were expertly guided by experienced professors and shared with a wide variety of diverse professionals.

This inclusive environment permits students to learn and generate ideas in a collaborative group setting.  I have consistently demonstrated my newly gained MBA knowledge at my work, and I have received recognition from my peers and supervisors alike to the extent that some have enrolled into the UFred for their own pursuit of higher education.  The ease of enrolling in UFred is tremendous, and the professionalism of Student Services combined with quick communication has made my academic experience an extremely positive one.

The UFred MBA online program is very well organized with a good balance between professional life and academics and therefore; the learning has become a positive experience.  I have been pleased with the entire UFred MBA academic experience and would recommend UFred without hesitation to anyone in their pursuit for a stimulating part-time learning opportunity.