Sandermoen Speaker Series launches with guest speaker Don Thompson

Sandermoen Speaker Series launches with guest speaker Don Thompson

On Friday, September 27 the Sandermoen School of Business launched its first lecture in a new Sandermoen Speaker Series. The lecture was titled “Canada- an emerging energy superpower: a fact based perspective on the oil sands” and was be presented by Don Thompson, Executive Advisor of Sustainability and Oil Sands Outreach with Canadian Oil Sands.

Mr. Thompson is a 33-year veteran of the industry and has played a role in many of the significant technological advances in the oil sands field throughout his career. He is currently Executive Advisor, Sustainability and Oil Sands Outreach with Canadian Oil Sands Limited and most recently, was President of the Oil Sands Developers Group (OSDG). Prior to this, he also served as Corporate Secretary and General Manager of Environment, Health and Safety for, and as an officer of, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

To listen to a recording of the lecture, click here.


4:13 – Dr. David Large, Dean of the Sandermoen School of Business, provides and introduction to Sandermoen Speaker Series and to our first lecturer, Mr. Don Thompson

4:45-7:30 – Mr. Thompson provides a brief overview of Canada’s energy resources, emphasizing that energy demands will continue to grow as our population continues to increase

10:15-13:15 – Mr. Thompson discusses the history of the development of the oil sands

13:16-15:41 – Canada’s oil reserves are compared to those of the rest of the world as Mr. Thompson makes the case that Canada is an “emerging energy superpower”

15:42-18:56 – The geography and logistics of the Canadian oil sands are covered while also discussing the key enablers that have allowed for their success in the energy industry

18:57-20:00 – Future Technologies in the oil industry– “you can never be standing still”

23:39-31:50 – New technologies specifically designed to address greenhouse gas emissions are discussed

31:50-34:50 – Mr. Thompson outlines the projected employment and economic benefits that will be created across Canada as a result of oil sand development

40:00 – Mr. Thompson answers questions from attendees regarding oil sand development and the lecture as a whole