Sandermoen School of Business launches fully-online MBA and EMBA specialty streams in Business Analytics Leadership

Sandermoen School of Business launches fully-online MBA and EMBA specialty streams in Business Analytics Leadership

As organizations continue to produce data faster and in higher volumes than ever before, the need for leaders experienced in deciphering business analytics has become critical.  However, of equal importance, companies also need candidates with functional knowledge and industry-specific experience that they can leverage when making data-driven decisions.

To address the need for further data and analytical proficiency in business leaders and analysts, the Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton has launched two new, fully-online, specialty streams in Business Analytics Leadership in both its MBA and Executive MBA programs.  Through the programs, students will learn how to better leverage insights derived from business analytics to drive their businesses forward.

“Organizations will benefit from the development of their existing talent, who have powerful insights into the particulars of that specific business’ operations” said Sheri McKillop, Associate Dean of the Sandermoen School of Business, “Companies can then maximize on the strong data literacy gained by their current employees, which also helps to propel the careers of these individuals forward before they even finish their degrees.”

The programs begin with the development of broad business acumen through a series of ten Foundation Level courses that are core to the Sandermoen MBA and Executive MBA programs.  Students are then streamlined into three Business Analytics Leadership courses that explore how data can be a means to develop an organization’s intelligence, develop solutions, and improve competitiveness.  Students then move into the final course, an Integration Project, which serves as the capstone of the programs.  The programs will equip students with the ability to make data-driven decisions and more effectively communicate with IT departments, data scientists, and business leaders as a whole.

As the programs are completely online, students are able to continue working full-time.  This provides the unique opportunity to apply the combined functional industry knowledge being gained with the broader business and analytical skills obtained through the program in real-time.

The programs are now accepting students for March 2016.