Prof values UFred’s dedication, consistency

Dr. Ron Biron adds to students’ toolbox of leadership knowledge

Dr. Ron Biron, an adjunct EMBA professor at UFred, has more than 20 years of experience in higher education with roles varying from adjunct instructor to college president. Currently, he is the Dean for Academic Affairs and Operations at South University in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Having completed an MBA from New Hampshire College, Dr. Biron went on to earn a Doctorate of Arts in Leadership from Franklin Pierce University.

Dr. Biron has instructed in blended, face to face, and 100% online delivery models across institutions. He says that in the short time he has been with UFred, the dedication and consistency in the depth of knowledge is greater than he has associated with in the past.

“The culture of UFred brings together individuals across all professions that will be the ambassadors of this institution in delivering success across the globe,” he said.

“I enjoy the efforts of those students who are engaged in the weekly topics while converting this knowledge and collegiality into a finished product, which is a way to enrich their profession and career.”

If there’s one thing he’d like his students to remember, it’s that education is lifelong.

“Education, like life, is a continuum of experiences and collaborations. You will take one discussion from someone and add it to your toolbox of knowledge and leadership,” he said, adding that it’s important to remember to be thankful, respectful, and humble.

Dr. Biron is now converting his doctoral dissertation – an ethnography-documentary on three generations of Franco-Americans in New England – into a book, titled From Mills to Millennium. He and his wife enjoy travelling, taking in sporting events, and relaxing.