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UFred faculty member named CSSE National Education Director and member of CSSE Board of Directors

The University of Fredericton is committed to providing students with relevant learning by employing faculty with extensive real-world experience.  In September of this year, UFred professor Robert Montgomery had the distinct honor
of becoming the National Education Director for the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) and a member of the CSSE Board of Directors.

“This role serves Canadian Health and Safety practitioners and together with a team of dedicated volunteers the ‘voice’ of the HSE profession,” he said.  Read more

UFred’s online learning model helped Jason Weibel take the next steps in his health and safety career

“Organizations with strong safety performance often enjoy strong financial performance, and the program really focused on developing an understanding of that relationship.”

Jason Weibel discusses discusses the benefits of the UFred online MBA with a specialty stream in Health and Safety Leadership. Read his full story here

Did you know?

Once you have graduated from a master’s level program, you are eligible to take other UFred specialty streams as Masters Certificates. Plus, as UFred Alumni, you receive a special rate. Read more

Jenny Pitt-Lainesbury

Jenny Pitt-Lainsbury UFred student SBI feasibility planMBA – specialty stream in Global Leadership

“I have traveled and worked extensively on international projects, and the Global Leadership MBA at UFred broadened my understanding of sustainability, leadership of global teams, global marketing, global information systems, corporate governance, and strategic leadership.”  Read more.

Leon Walsh

Executive MBA – specialty stream in Innovation Leadership

“I have completed this Executive MBA in the Yucatan, Belize, Caribbean, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland, Amsterdam, and Germany. The online option allowed me ease of access and the flexibility to connect with my teammates, who themselves were often traveling at the same time.” Read more

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