Executive MBA Students to Attend International Field Study in Amsterdam

To successfully conduct business internationally, professionals must respect and understand the multicultural demands of an increasingly global marketplace. For an organization to succeed in the current economic climate, it is important for its leaders to grasp the impact that non-domestic economic, cultural, civic, and political systems can have. Exposure to these concerns can be difficult for business students to come by while still in school.

As a part of their Global Capstone course, Executive Master of Business (EMBA) students within the Sandermoen School of Business are invited to participate in the International Field Study (IFS), where they attend specialized workshops and speak with foreign business leaders. The opportunity to plunge into unique, real-world business situations is a valuable experience for students nearing the end of their studies.

Sandermoen EMBA students benefit from virtual correspondence with instructors and peers throughout their program. Adding to the UFred experience, the IFS offers the unique opportunity for classmates to meet in person, often for the first time, and allows them to hone critical collaborative skills in an environment that mimics the reality of international business communication.

This course provides an opportunity for students to take advantage of an intensive field study not common among virtual program offerings. Students often find the experience to be particularly valuable given that the strength of the Sandermoen School of Business is the wide scope of its student demographic; most students are experienced, working professionals living across Canada and around the world. This results in representation from a wide range of industries and multinational organizations, many of whom partner with students on academic projects.

The IFS places students in simulated environments that explore the realities of global business and help them to identify key challenges. This year, 15 students will represent UFred in the Netherlands from August 12-22, where they will follow a tightly coordinated itinerary that ensures high-level contact with experts on international business topics.