Constructive/Instructive: Graduating UFred’s EMBA Health & Safety Specialty Stream

Leading Edge Alumni Newsletter

A lifelong learner with unorthodox roots, Ryan Davis, from Spruce Grove, Alberta, has continually transitioned within the health and safety field, most recently as one of UFred’s first ever graduates of the EMBA Health and Safety Leadership stream.

Originally a professional poker player looking to become an accountant, Ryan moved west 13 years ago to try his hand at the Alberta labour market. He loved pipelining and became involved with health and safety consulting, training, and auditing. Having developed an excellent understanding of health and safety management systems, Ryan discovered the EMBA programs available at UFred though the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE) and benefited from the uncommon harmonization of business and safety it offered:

They don’t teach business in safety school, and they don’t teach safety in business school.

Further stating that “the UFred program allows health and safety professionals to speak the language of business and influence change at the highest levels in their organization”, Ryan knows what distinguishes companies with systems that effectively manage risk from those that do not.

Ryan currently oversees the course development team at the ACSA, instructs The Fundamentals of Auditing at the University of Alberta, and teaches Measurement and Evaluation of OHS Managed Systems for the CSSE. He also played a big role in the new National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation, which is now recognized nationally instead of provincially.