Alumnus receives promotion upon graduation

‘It wouldn’t have happened without the help of my EMBA education’

Abdulla Tamim is a real goal-getter and completing a Master’s degree was on his to-do list for a long time. He wanted to develop a robust professional network, enhance his knowledge and skills, and accelerate career progression.

While he learned a lot throughout his 17 years of hands-on experience, he didn’t have the academic references for many of the techniques he performs in his day-to-day work, or enough knowledge in other business sectors and their challenges. So he believed earning an Executive MBA was the next logical step in his career trajectory.

After doing some research, Abdulla determined the University of Fredericton was the best option to balance his work and family responsibilities. He was also attracted to the tuition fees, as he found it convenient and affordable when in comparison to other universities’ programs.

Abdulla says choosing UFred to complete his studies, with a specialty stream in Innovation Leadership, is one of the best decisions he has made.

“During the process of the EMBA courses, you get to partner with so many people from different backgrounds, experiences, and this helps me see things from a different perspective.”

He says his eagerness to learn was matched on day one by the faculty, his peer group, and the overall UFred team striving to break boundaries and move forward.

“The instructors were always opening the discussion for all and encouraging everyone to share their experience and knowledge on the topic being discussed. The best part was hearing feedback or comments from the instructor, so you get to know their academic opinions and recommendations.”

In addition to a solid education, Abdulla says he valued the different backgrounds and experiences of his peers.

“I learned both business and life lessons. All of this will help me in my next steps to achieve even more goals,” he said.

Abdulla says earning his EMBA was two years of non-stop adventure.

“I enjoyed every single bit of this journey. I had a lot of fun because I got to interact with a lot of professionals.”

In some cases, he was able to apply what he was learning immediately. In particular, the courses that are related to innovation entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

“In these two courses, we got to perform real projects and learn so many techniques. At the same time, I was part of an innovation center at my company and performed many of the course takeaways in my day-to-day tasks there.

Upon graduation in July 2019, Abdulla was immediately promoted to Principal Enterprise Architect at SAP Canada.

“I was offered a new role at my company as a recognition of my academic achievement and performance,” he said. “This is something that wouldn’t have happened without the help of my EMBA education.”

Abdulla believes that before you proceed with your MBA or EMBA journey, you need to set your expectations first.

“Why are you joining the program, and what are you expecting after completing it? Picking the right learning format is the key to completing the program.”

In the future, Abdulla says he would like to continue his journey of enabling companies and people to think outside of the box, and make their ideas a reality.

“I’m one of those lucky people that has a job that brings me happiness and inspires me daily. My task is to help companies realize how they can innovate, not just adapt. The EMBA equipped me with all the knowledge, tools and information required to deliver my tasks successfully.”

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