Advancing the potential of sales leaders: University of Fredericton launches online MBA and Executive MBA with specialty stream in Sales Management and Leadership

In 2017, Canadian Business named Corporate Sales Managers to be one of the Top 25 Best Jobs in Canada. While the path to a coveted sales leadership role is unique for each person, it often requires robust professional development, training and education, and most importantly, on-the-ground experience; despite this, advanced post-secondary education designed specifically for salespeople lags sorely behind.

Recognizing the growth of both the sales industry and sales professionals themselves, the Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton (UFred) is pleased to announce the launch of fully-online MBA and Executive MBA programs with a specialty stream in Sales Management and Leadership.

The profession of sales has evolved dramatically towards using data and business knowledge to drive success. Salespeople are now responsible for navigating business structures that include increasingly technical and mature procurement departments, multi-channel approaches, relationship building and nurturing, and complex solutions, all in an ever-changing business environment. These considerations are at the core of the UFred offerings.

“It was important for us to develop content that met the needs of sales practitioners who are working in today’s business climate” said Sheri McKillop, Associate Dean of the Sandermoen School of Business, “it was through consultation with subject-matter experts, industry experts, businesspeople, and academics that the stream was formed. This approach ensures that students can more readily understand the nuances and complexities that the present-day sales environment now encompasses.”

Each specialty stream at the Sandermoen School of Business uses a Program Advisory Council (PAC) of leading employers and industry experts relevant to the subject to consult on what is needed to make content as applicable as possible. The Sales Management and Leadership specialty stream currently has sales leaders from across Canada, including Leanne Kripp, Head of Autos for Kijiji Canada, Alfred Whiffen, Director of Customer Development at Avalon Holographics, Heath Lunney, Operations Manager for Xerox Canada Ltd., and Paul Kidston, Sales Leadership Strategist for P. Kidston Enterprises Limited.

The Sandermoen School of Business is now accepting applications for the programs.

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