Sandermoen School of Business student completes MBA after overcoming health setback

Sandermoen School of Business student completes MBA after overcoming health setback

Chris Stone, a Software Development Manager for a large high-tech company in Ottawa, Ontario, has amassed 31-years of experience in embedded software design and development experience. He is an expert in Linux Kernel and has written some of the software and helped to build the devices used to help us network as a global community. He achieved his MBA from the University of Fredericton (UFred) in June, 2016, and looks forward to leading the teams of software engineers that will bring to life the Internet of Things.

Self-examination and a desire to move into leadership roles drew Chris to seek out his MBA at UFred:
“Engineers are great problem solvers but often are not great leaders. I knew this about myself and decided to seek leadership training so that I could take the next step in the evolution of my career and move to a leadership role.”

The specialty stream in Innovation Leadership worked well with his experience. He found it best suited his style with a perfect combination of innovative tech mingled with leadership studies.


When he realized the time savings, Chris knew UFred was the best choice to study:
“The fully online format saved time that I would have otherwise spent commuting to class or team meetings. Time is a scarce resource for me, so anything that saves time, and allows me to work more efficiently is valuable.”

Considering the benefits of study with UFred, Chris researched cost and found that his degree would cost him much less than he expected and would leave him in a better financial position upon completion. “I could not justify spending $80,000 – $120,000 on a bricks and mortar MBA”, he said, “from a cost perspective, the UFred MBA is practical and it is easy to complete the degree without taking on debt risks.”

For those apprehensive to start, unsure with what life may bring, Chris shares details from his courageous battle with cancer, and how he was able to overcome it and resume his studies:

Chris credits UFred with transforming him into the leader his team needed, “My whole team is more effective as I am able to navigate the ambiguities of a large organization and lead us all towards positive outcomes.” He is happy to recommend UFred as the alternative for busy, professionals.