& Applied Ergonomics


Certificate Program Overview


2 total


16 weeks


($950 per course)


fully online

Applied Certificate Program Overview


3 total


32 weeks


($950 per course)


fully online

A few of the many benefits of the Ergonomics Certificates:

These Certificates will equip graduates with ergonomic skills to address MSD issues in their workplace, as well as to instate effective prevention programs to minimize MSD risks.


Designed to enable workplace safety personnel and health professionals to deal with ergonomics issues that often arise in the workplace from poor design of workstations and workplaces, these Certificates introduce an integrated approach to Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention using major North American ergonomics guidelines.

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Certain courses include a vClass (virtual class), which is a live faculty-led lecture or seminar delivered weekly using the state-of-the-art synchronous courseware, WebEx. This courseware allows for interactive opportunities between faculty and students within student groups.

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In the business programs, students incorporate group work into their online learning. Using online platforms like Skype and Google Docs, students are able to easily meet and collaborate on documents without being hindered by distance.

Online Campus

Students at the University of Fredericton receive the same high-quality education, networking opportunities and collaboration obtained from an on-campus program. Students interact with professors and peers on an ongoing basis.


UFred offers online resources for its students to take advantage of, including a library and bookstore to assist in the efficiency and learning of each program. In addition, personal support is provided through the presence of UFred advisors, peer support and instructor office hours.

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Each potential student is provided personal guidance and support through the presence of a UFred recruitment advisor. For more information about the University or to contact one of our advisors, click on a button below.

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Ergonomics Course Structure & Details

Foundation Courses
All students begin the program with two foundational courses and the Applied Certificate students go on to complete a guided practicum. To learn more about these courses click on the arrow.

Ergonomics Foundations (ERG 112)

This course will focus on the issues that may arise from a workplace design that is not ergonomic. The primary concern of the course will be on preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as back injuries and upper extremity repetitive strain injuries.

Advanced Ergonomics (ERG 221)

This course is designed to train sophisticated practitioners of occupational health and safety how to coordinate ergonomics activities for the prevention and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. Using standard ergonomics assessment tools and thresholds provide participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct ergonomics assessments of computer workstations and industrial tasks, implement effective ergonomic solutions and educate and train in ergonomics issues.

Ergonomics Certificate Guided Practicum (ERG 321)

The practicum enables learners to produce an original and relevant ergonomics program or project for application in their own unique working environment. The major outcome is learners will be able to initiate, implement and document an ergonomics project, using scientifically based guidelines.

Program Tuition & Fees

2019-2020 Academic Year (CAD)

Tuition for the Certificate is $1,900 and for the Applied Certificate is $2,850.


Pay by course – each course is $950.


There are no additional fees for international students.

In addition to tuition there is a $20 library access fee for each course.

It grants students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to our comprehensive online library resources. The online library provides students access to texts, articles, publications and additional resources.

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At UFred, we know that it’s possible to deliver high-quality education while still being affordable. As a fully-online university, we don’t incur the cost of building and maintaining a campus. We are 100% focused on delivering quality education and providing personal student support, advanced technologies and industry-leading instructors.

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UFred’s OHS programs are built to seamlessly integrate into the lives of students who are already gainfully employed full-time and want to accelerate their careers, and to those who are just starting. All courses are fully online and are facilitated by experts in their respective fields. All programs will enhance your health and safety leadership skills and help you add value to your organization in real-time.

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Focused on Delivering Academic Excellence

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Faculty with Industry Experience

UFred has long prided itself on being a leading educator of Occupational Health and Safety professionals. Developed in consultation with an extensive number of leading OHS professionals, our programs help students learn to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of their organizations.


Program Advisory Council

The PAC is a group of volunteers that provides expert advice to a school or department on program-related matters such as trends in the pertaining industry, discipline or profession, learning objectives, curriculum, teaching methodology and program review.


Academic Leadership

UFred is committed to working with leaders in academia who are driven to advancing our business programs in an online environment. Our academic leadership team is constantly striving to improve our programs, find industry-leading instructors and build meaningful academic partnerships.

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Our Ergonomics Certificate program requires applicants have:

  • Interest or experience in Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) practice
  • A strong understanding of the English language and business writing


Our Applied Ergonomics Certificate program requires applicants have:

  • Interest or experience in Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) practice
  • Complete the Certificate in Ergonomics at UFred or another recognized institution
  • A strong understanding of the English language and business writing

Application Package

*Once the Online Application form is completed, applicants will receive an email containing the Credit Card Form.

Technical Requirements

  • Basic computer abilities
  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • A device with internet browsing capabilities
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser
  • MS Office Suite

Ergonomics Start Dates

Application Deadline Course Start Date
April 6, 2020 May 4, 2020

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