The CRSP Designation

What is a CRSP and why does it matter?

The Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® certification is considered a benchmark in the OHS profession and is the certification of choice for professionals in the field. It demonstrates that certified individuals have met minimum formal education and experience requirements by passing the CRSP® Examination. The value employers place on CRSP® certification is reflected in the often increased salary, internal recognition or promotion that is achieved by their certified employees.

BCRSP Website

What is the BCRSP?

The BCRSP, Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the principles of health and safety as a profession in Canada. The purpose of the BCRSP is to certify qualifying safety practitioners as Canadian Registered Safety Professionals. It also allows the BCRSP to ensure that the highest standards of excellence and professionalism are maintained at all times and by all CRSP designated professionals.

Are You Eligible?

How Do I Become Certified?

In order to become certified by the BCRSP, there are eight steps you have to complete. They are as follows:

  • Determine Your Eligibility
  • Submit a Certification Application
  • BCRSP Qualifications Review
  • BCRSP Peer-Interview (for CRSP® certification only)
  • Sit for a BCRSP certification examination
  • Board Approval
  • Ethics Declaration & Initial Certification Fee
  • Recertification and Annual Renewal

For more detailed instructions and information, visit the BCRSP website by clicking the button.

OHS Programs

The School of Occupational Health and Safety programs are designed to enhance opportunities for career pursuits or advancements by offering high-quality applied-practices programs in specialized managerial, professional, technical, and service areas.
Safety is now recognized as an essential component of an organization’s overall health. Without formal academic and professional credentials, safety professionals may now find themselves to be at a distinct disadvantage.


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What Do You Need to Fulfill Your CRSP® Requirements?

You must obtain a 2-year diploma or certificate (minimum of 900 hours or 60 credits) in Occupational Health and Safety or equivalent from a recognized academic institution.
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Work Experience
You must have 48 months of professional-level Occupational Health and Safety experience obtained within the last 72 months.
BCRSP Website
You must complete the CRSP Exam administered by BCRSP. The CRSP Examination is held three times a year in February, June and October over a 10-day window.
BCRSP Website

How Does UFred Help to Fulfill Your CRSP® Requirements?

The following programs, together, will result in the required 900 educational hours for the CRSP® designation. Students will first take the Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Systems (COHSES – 450 hours). Next students will complete the Diploma in Safety, Health & Environmental Management (SHEM – 360 hours). Finally, CRSP Pathway students will take two additional electives (90 hours) in order to meet the full 900 hour educational requirement.


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