Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the systematic evaluation of the learning an individual has achieved through relevant work experience, various short training courses or learning outcomes from similar or related post-secondary programs. Assessment is made on a case-by-case basis.

Graduate PLA

In keeping with the University’s commitment to recognition of prior learning, students may transfer credit or advance standing credit toward their graduate degree program through courses previously taken. For consideration of transfer credits, only graduate-level courses successfully completed with a B grade or higher will be considered. Advance Standing credits may be earned by those who have specific business designations.* The total number of credits students may earn through transfer credits from other approved and/or accredited institutions combined shall not exceed half of the credits required for completion of their graduate degree program.

Graduate Degree Programs

How a PLA works

PLA Assessment Application Process

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For prior learning, you will be required to provide evidence of successful completion of the course by including:

  • Transcripts from any training institutions you attended
  • Copies of any professional certifications you received
  • Syllabi from any related courses you have taken*

*Syllabi normally contain the sentence, “In this course, you will learn x, y and z.”


For relevant work experience, a detailed résumé that includes:

  • All education and training
  • Positions held
  • Areas of responsibility


The Prior Learning Assessment Application and Assessment Worksheet

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  • Applicants will complete the table on the Application and Assessment Worksheet.
  • Ensure the evidence of the course successfully completed.
  • Based on the course descriptions on the University of Fredericton website, the applicant must indicate which course matches their education and experience for equivalency of credit.
  • Prior learning courses must be equal to 35 hours in total.
  • To apply for work related experience to be considered for exemption, the applicant must list the course and work history information in the table.

Consideration will only be given to the courses outlined in the table of the Application and Assessment Worksheet. Success in gaining PLA credits is dependent on the applicant’s detailed records.


Fees & Administration

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  • An initial assessment fee of $150 to apply for a Prior Learning Assessment.
  • A $100 fee is charged for each exempted course.

To apply for a Prior Learning Assessment, contact UFred by email:

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