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Contract Faculty Positions

Contract Faculty Positions

Contract Faculty Positions

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We are currently seeking qualified adjunct faculty for all courses in our online MBA and Executive MBA programs (foundation and specialty track courses).  Online courses are offered year-round, with MBA courses being 11 weeks in length, and EMBA courses being seven (7) weeks in length.

Necessary qualifications are as follows:

  • Terminal degree (i.e. Ph.D. or DBA)
  • Corporate work experience
  • Experience teaching online would be a definite asset

Qualified and interested individuals are invited to send their CV and cover letter indicating your areas of specialization. Click here to apply!

UFred is an equal opportunity employer, with priority given to those best qualified for each course.


Current Openings

Open Call for Applications

Open Call for Applications

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The University of Fredericton is growing rapidly!

If you do not see a position of interest right now, but are interested in becoming a part of the UFred team, we encourage you to submit your resume for future positions.

We are often looking to fill:

  • Various administrative roles
  • Front-End Developer positions
  • Instructional designer roles

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Executive Management and Senior Leadership Positions

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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Love your job, like we do! Take a peek at some of our passionate and skilled UFred Team members.

Erin Bowlen

Erin Bowlen

Academic Officer

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Erin Bowlen: Academic Officer at the University of Fredericton

An Academic Officer at the University of Fredericton (UFred) is responsible for various administrative duties. Reporting directly to the Associate Dean, and in communication with Faculty members, the Provost, and the Registrar, this is a multifunctional position and involves a set of constantly evolving duties and responsibilities.

Erin Bowlen, an Academic Officer and Facilitator who has been at UFred since April 2015, shares her thoughts regarding her career at UFred thus far with Marketing and Communications Specialist Lorenda Lawson:

Lorenda: Can you provide a brief overview of your professional and personal background?

Erin: Sure. I’ve mostly worked in university environments. I basically started out working as an Academic Officer for UNB in the Dean of Arts Office, and I worked my way up to being a Retention Officer while I was there. Then, I went overseas to England do my master’s degree, where I became a professor and taught an introductory course for first year students. Next, I came back and worked in a call centre for a year, just to boost my customer service skills. Then I came to work for UFred in the Student Services department, and worked my way up to Academic Officer.

Lorenda: That’s excellent. I guess a call centre environment is a good starting point to learn customer service skills.

Erin: It’s certainly interesting. It gave me an appreciation for any customer service person I’ve ever talked to, and I did it for only a year. I definitely enjoyed my coworkers while I was there. I had some clients that I enjoyed as well, but there are the ones that give you a trying day sometimes. But, it’s really good skills, I’m definitely glad that I went through the experience and I’m glad that I gave it a shot. I don’t regret doing it all.

Lorenda: That makes sense, but in the end your academics led you to good things. So, in the beginning, what drew you to UFred as a place to work?

Erin: At that point, I had worked about a year in the call centre, and I was definitely missing the academic environment. I wanted to find my way back into working for one of the universities in town, and I happened to see an advertisement for UFred that was online. The position was in the Admissions Department, and I thought that could be really interesting. I hadn’t worked in Admissions before, but I had worked with other Admissions Departments at UNB and STU, so I was thinking that would be an interesting place to start. They didn’t actually accept me for that role at first, only because they had already filled the position, but they said they wanted to keep my resume on file. Then about 2-months later, they contacted me to work in Student Services. So, I said, “yes, absolutely”.

Lorenda: Since coming to UFred, have you felt challenged, how have you been able to use your experience?

I’ve definitely felt challenged since working with UFred; but in a good way.  I feel like everything I learned in Student Services working directly with the students has helped me in the projects I work on as Academic Officer, because I’m able to bring forward some of the questions students had when I was working with them, and try to find solutions or a new way of doing things to improve their experience with us.

Lorenda: Excellent. So, did your expectations of the Academic Officer position differ from the reality once you started? 

Erin: I think for me, it was difficult to form expectations about this role because at the time I had applied for it, it wasn’t completely defined.  However, as I’ve been working in this role over the last year or so, I’ve been able to help adapt the role based on the needs of the University.

Lorenda: So, what does your role entail? What type of activities do you typically find yourself engaged with?

My duties and responsibilities change on a day-to-day basis.  There are times when I am working with the course evaluations and student orientation, but there are also times when I’m working with the Professional Advisory Committees on course and program curriculums and the Academic Board on policies.  It varies all the time, based on the needs of the University at the time.

Lorenda: What skills do you feel you’ve developed since becoming a UFred employee? In what ways, do you hope to continue to grow?

Erin: Well, I hope I have worked on my leadership and teamwork skills since coming to work here and I definitely want to continue growing those skills. Starting out with Student Services, you are a part of the team right away, so you definitely have to fit in, and we were a small group when I started and we were a very tight-knit team. It also gave me an opportunity to work on my leadership skills because I was the only contact for the EMBA program.

Then, moving into the Academic Officer position, I am now coordinating with all the departments on a grander scale, which is great, so I still get to balance those two things. I came in, I had those skills, but I feel like I’ve been improving on them and I want to continue working on those skills as well.

Lorenda: That’s wonderful. So, in your opinion, what’s the best part?  

Erin: Definitely my coworkers. I feel like that is going to be the number one answer for everybody at UFred, but, it’s so true. Working with Student Services in the beginning was very good for me because I got to know my team very well, and then, as more people got added, I got to form really good bonds with my coworkers.

We’ve grown exponentially since I’ve started working here. I think we only had 13 or 14 people when I first started; now we have more than 30 people working here. I feel like I’ve been able to connect with each new member that’s come on to the different teams and that definitely makes me want to come into work every morning, so I get to see everybody and talk to everybody.

I feel like coordinating with people on different team projects as well was always exciting and a lot of people here are very easy to work with. Which is always such a good thing because you don’t always find that in every work environment.

Lorenda: So, what would you most like people to know about working at UFred?

Erin: I want people to know that UFred staff, all staff in all departments, are all very approachable. We’re here for our students any time that they need us, and we want to come across to them as being helpful, and I hope that they feel that that’s what we’re doing. We all care about the students that we work with and that we work for, and also our partners and other departments that we work with. We really do strive to put the student first when we can, and provide them with the best possible service, so I really want others to realize that we value that relationship with them.

Lorenda: Definitely, I’d have to agree. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at UFred?

Erin: It’s been a great three years. I’ve really enjoyed every bit of it so far. I hope that other people have had the same experience as me, in working with me, and I hope that I will be here for a long time to come.

Brittany DeCoffe

Brittany DeCoffe

Recruitment Advisor

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Brittany DeCoffe Recruitment Advisor at the University of Fredericton

Recruitment Advisors at the University of Fredericton (UFred) are part of a team that is collectively tasked with assisting prospective UFred students every step of the way. They work with prospective students from the application process through to the admission decision in order to meet target enrolment goals. They are the first point of contact for all UFred students, and they focus on creating and maintaining accurate lead and opportunity records. They form a knowledge-hub, as they are familiar with all available UFred programs.

Brittany DeCoffe, a member of the UFred Recruitment Department since April 2016, shares her thoughts regarding her career at UFred with Marketing and Communications Specialist Lorenda Lawson.

Lorenda: Can you provide a brief overview of your professional and personal background?

Brittany:  I grew up in Lawrencetown, NS. I lived there all of my life until just this year past, when I moved to Fredericton, NB, to take a job here at the University of Fredericton [UFred]. I went to University in Halifax, at Mount St Vincent, where I did a five-year bachelor degree in Business Admin, and now, I am currently pursuing my MBA at the University of Fredericton. I am very family oriented; I have a younger brother. He is 22, and he is in the military, currently in Ontario. Both my parents are back home in Halifax.

I entered the workforce when I was about 15; I started teaching dance to young children at that age. I continued that for about five years until I began my first year of university. At that time, I moved onto a couple of part-time jobs while I was doing my studies. I worked at a furniture store as well as at a fitness and therapy center, where I was an operational supervisor as well as an administrative assistant. In addition, I tutored Junior High and High School children in Math and French for several years. After this, I moved to Fredericton, and now I am currently working as a Recruitment Advisor with the University.

Lorenda: In the beginning, what drew you to UFred as a place to work?

Brittany: What interested me was the organization’s mission and vision. I was very intrigued by the online learning environment and the idea that the University offered courses strictly online. I have always been passionate about education and my experiences as a full-time student and full-time working professional, aligned with exactly what the University of Fredericton offers: the ability to maintain a career and pursue further education.

The people also drew me in, for sure. Once I came into my first interview, I realized that it was a culture that I could definitely see myself working in.

Lorenda: Did your expectations of the job differ from the reality once you started?

Brittany: It’s definitely more than I thought it would be concerning roles and responsibilities. At the beginning, you know, you think of Recruitment as just picking up the phone, or sending an email, but it definitely turned into much more than that, with more of a focus on relationship building.

There were also a lot of behind the scenes elements that I hadn’t anticipated, and once I got into it, I realized just how significant the role was to the daily operations of the organization.

I also didn’t anticipate the amount of opportunity UFred has to offer. I have had much opportunity to develop personally and professionally, and UFred has been so supportive of my goals and professional development. The organization certainly invests in its people.

Lorenda: What skills do you feel you’ve developed since becoming a UFred employee? In what ways do you hope to continue to grow?

Brittany: One of the skills I think the organization has helped me to develop would definitely be time management. With so much going on and being pulled in so many different directions, it’s super important to be able to organize and prioritize.

Another skill would be helping to enhance my leadership abilities. I’ve received a lot of support from management and colleagues, and had opportunities to take a leadership role, which is helping me to work towards where I want to be next.

I’ve also developed my analytical and research skills, and my ability to take a look at information and understand how it all aligns to create a bigger picture. My ability to make decisions and solve problems is another area I feel I’ve developed. You think there are only so many circumstances or situations that can present themselves and then something new comes up, and it surprises you. So, I certainly credit UFred with the development of my problem-solving abilities.

Lorenda: What do you like most about working at UFred?

Brittany: I would definitely say the people that I work with and the environment where I work. There is a focus on teamwork. I like that I understand my role and how it fits in with every individual and every department. It’s not cookie-cutter. We have the ability to engage with other people within the organization, and not just simply our respective department. There is so much opportunity to share ideas, be creative and develop important skills.

Lorenda: What would you most like people to know about working at UFred?

Brittany: I would have to say the company culture and values. Everyone here truly cares about the success of all stakeholders; the students, the employees, and the community. The organization is growing, and it is so nice to be able to share in that success. You are a part of that success and your contribution truly matters. You don’t feel like you are coming to work and working an 8 to 5 job because your work is meaningful. You are helping to change people’s lives, academically, personally and professionally.


Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray

Student Services Specialist

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Elizabeth Murray: Student Services Specialist at the University of Fredericton

Student Services Specialists at the University of Fredericton (UFred) are part of a team that is collectively tasked with servicing, advising, and engaging all University of Fredericton students. They represent the face of the University and are skilled collaborators.

Elizabeth Murray, a member of the UFred Student Services team since September 2015, shares her thoughts regarding her career at UFred thus far with Marketing and Communications Specialist Lorenda Lawson:

Lorenda: Can you provide a brief overview of your professional and personal background?

Elizabeth: Oh yes, sure thing. So, I grew up not too far from here. I grew up in Centreville, New Brunswick, and then once I graduated high school, I came to do my undergrad here in Fredericton, and then eventually stayed to do my bachelor of education. After I finished that up, I moved to England for a year where I taught in a reception classroom, but it wasn’t really for me, so I moved back to New Brunswick and shortly thereafter, started here at UFred.

Lorenda: In the beginning, what drew you to UFred as a place to work?

Elizabeth: Well, I actually was referred here by a couple of acquaintances who were affiliated with the University. They were familiar with UFred, one of them actually worked here, and she talked a lot about how it was a great place to work. That was how I initially found out about UFred and started considering it as a place where I might want to be.

Lorenda: Wonderful. A lot of the word-of-mouth, I do get that. Did your expectations of the job differ from the reality once you started? 

Elizabeth: In some ways, yes. I guess coming into a Student Services position, I wasn’t exactly aware of all the behind-the-scenes intricacies involved, as well as a lot of the freedom that we would have within our jobs to be able to meet the expectations of us and get what needs to be done, done. I guess that my expectations were a bit different from the reality, but in a good way.

Lorenda: That’s excellent. I noticed that myself, too. So, what skills do you feel you’ve developed since becoming a UFred employee? In what ways do you hope to continue to grow?

Elizabeth: I feel like I’ve definitely been able to improve my communication skills, that being a main component of my job. I communicate with students by email and over the phone very regularly.

I also feel like my  technical skills have improved drastically, as I’m learning more about different office applications and online tools to help me get done what I need to do in my job, and also become more productive in my own scheduling. In an online-based community, it really provides the opportunity to keep up-to-date on new applications, new programs, new techniques, all as they become available. It’s something that I really look forward to continuing to develop as I continue my career here at UFred.


Lorenda: That certainly makes sense, and we definitely need those types of skills in an online environment. What do you like most about working at UFred?

Elizabeth: What I like most is the people I work with here at UFred. I know that it probably sounds very cliché, but honestly, everyone on the Student Services team is just great to work with. We collaborate with each other on a lot of things, we’re well versed across the programs that we offer, we have a lot of experience between all of us. We may not all have experience in everything, but we all have a little bit of something that we can share with each other.

Beyond the Student Services team, we get to work with other departments as well and everyone is just fabulous to work with here. They’re supportive and easy to get along with, and that makes coming to work every day an easy thing to do.


Lorenda: It really does. What would you most like people to know about working at UFred?

Elizabeth: I think that what I’d like people to know most is just what a fantastic place it is to work. You’re given a lot of independence once you learn your job, and people around you really do support you and help you to grow. You’re given opportunities to expand yourself; you’re given opportunities to looks at the processes of your job and say, “you know, maybe this way would work better, I’d like to try it this way.” It’s not, “here’s the manual; this is what you’re going to do.” It’s a collaborative work environment, we work well together, we develop together, and it’s a great place to come if you’re into that team-environment where your voice is always heard.

Lorenda: I understand that congratulations are in order, you’ve received a promotion to Student Services Team Lead. Will you tell me a bit about how your role will look going forward?

Elizabeth: As the department continues to grow, I’ll be heading up most of the training for Sandermoen new hires as well as working more in depth with our processes and special projects to streamline our responsibilities along with the Student Services Manager. To cap things off, I serve as an advisor to others in Sandermoen; mentoring and advising.

Lorenda: That’s wonderful, Elizabeth, well deserved. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at UFred?

Elizabeth: What I’ve noticed being at UFred so far is that there are people in all different stages of their careers, and there really does seem to be a place for everyone. When I started at UFred, I was just starting in my career really; I’d had a year’s work experience, but I decided to switch avenues in my life, so I was just getting started. When I began, I found there were people who’d been here from the beginning, as well as people in the middle stages of their career, and people just starting like I was.

That’s what I feel is a great thing about UFred. Sometimes with companies, you come in, and you think, “oh this is a good starting point,” and you can move on from there. A lot of companies are new-hire heavy, where people come on for a few years, just to get a foot in the industry, and then move on. People like working at UFred wherever they are in their career, and I feel that shows how valued the employees are and how comfortable people are here; it seems that you can really move through a great career path in this one spot. There is a lot of growth potential, and that’s very exciting.

Ryan Kingston

Ryan Kingston

Manager of Development at the University of Fredericton

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Ryan Kingston: Manager of Development at the University of Fredericton

The Manager of Development at the University of Fredericton is responsible for managing ongoing operations of development programs and resource development activities. The position works directly with senior administration, manages strategies for the program and partner prospect pipeline, and is a liaison between Development and other internal departments.

Ryan Kingston, Manager of Development at the University of Fredericton, shares his thoughts on the success he has achieved since he began his career at UFred, and what working at UFred is like with Marketing and Communications Specialist Lorenda Lawson.

Lorenda: Can you provide a brief overview of your professional and personal background?

Ryan: Well, I grew up in a small town near Fredericton, New Brunswick and spent most of my years around Fredericton and Oromocto for both school and work. I currently reside in Fredericton with my wife and son. My spare time is usually spent fishing or trying to play pool at a local pool hall.

My career path took a couple of different turns, but ended at the best destination. I started off my career after school as a draftsman and then made the shift to data programming, I’d say about 13 yrs ago. It was shortly after that when I started venturing into the design world, and I guess you could say that’s where it all really started. I began as an entry level designer and through some challenging work and dedication, I became a senior designer. By the age of 27, I was Lead Designer on projects for companies around the world. That brings me here today, where I’m currently the Manager of Development at UFred.

Lorenda: In the beginning, what drew you to UFred as a place to work?

Ryan: I was at the point in my career where I needed a change. I needed to get back to doing what I loved, and that was being creative, and UFred allowed me the opportunity for that, so I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. I started at UFred as an e-learning specialist and support for our virtual classes, but was taking on some custom courseware work, which I had always enjoyed doing. It wasn’t long after that when I was offered the management role for the development department. They recognized I wanted more, but it was up to me to prove it.

Lorenda: Did your expectations of the job differ from the reality once you started?

Ryan: I think the reality surpassed my expectations. I’m given the chance every day to come into work and think outside of the box, to deliver ideas for projects that usually most companies would never entertain. I get to be as creative as I want and it’s supported and nurtured here.

Lorenda: What skills have you developed while working here?

Ryan: I have excellent mentors here at UFred that have helped me over the years to develop my skills. And it’s my coworkers here that have taught me the most…with a team of dedicated, talented professionals, you can easily learn something new each and every day.

Lorenda: In your current position, how do you keep moving forward, where do you see yourself in the coming years? 

Ryan: I see myself growing within my current role to provide a better experience not only for our students, but also for our development department and the organization.

Lorenda: What do you like most about working with UFred?

Ryan: The opportunities. I’ve been able to work on some pretty exciting projects here at UFred already in the short amount of time that I’ve been here. Some of these you would never see from another organization, and we’re designing and building this stuff daily.

Lorenda: What would you most like people to know about working with UFred?

Ryan: That learning doesn’t only apply to our students. As an employee here at UFred, you are given the opportunity to learn and develop as much as you want.