Partnership with Rita Obayojie

Creating New Opportunities in Africa

The University of Fredericton is proud to partner with OHS consultant Rita Obayojie. Rita is based in Nigeria and will help UFred foster new opportunities and grow its School of OHS in Nigeria and across Africa. This new partnership will help create better access for workers seeking high-quality education in the field of Occupational Health & Safety.

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Rita Obayojie

About Rita

Rita Obayojie is the founder of TRAC Consultancy Services (est. 2008) which delivers OH&S solutions and services all over the world.

TRAC’s clients come from various industries such as construction, marine, oil & gas, fabrication, metal making, manufacturing and other service industries. TRAC is currently one of the most sought after process safety practical institutions, providing various practical process safety engineering courses.
TRAC makes it a priority to enable clients to focus on their real business while taking care of their intensive business processes behind the scenes. This is accomplished by providing a wide range of one-stop solutions in consulting, auditing, training and project management (QHSE). This allows organizations to communicate effectively the importance of quality, environment, health and safety for your employees and partners.

As the founder and leader of TRAC Consulting, Rita Obayojie brings experience and expertise to the field of OHS. She is a public health, safety, environmental and quality consultant and has over ten years of experience in the field, as well as in management and leadership. She has an MSc in Quality Management, Quality Control and Safety Technologies from the University of Portsmouth and a Certificate in Health and Safety from the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to improving OHS standards and providing better access to high-quality OHS training and education.

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UFred's Commitment to OHS

Background & Purpose

UFred has long prided itself on being a leading educator of OHS professionals in Canada and abroad through our fully-online curriculum. With an emphasis on process-based learning and skills, our programs have been specifically designed help enhance your ability to apply OHS knowledge to any workplace environment you may find yourself in while simultaneously enhancing your workplace leadership abilities.

Developed in consultation with an extensive number of leading OHS professionals, our programs help students learn to identify, prioritize, and manage workplace risks, poising them to more effectively contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of their organizations.

Online Experience

The Benefits

Our fully-online delivery allows us to offer our programs to a student-base of working professionals who have a career, family, and other commitments. The ability to study while maintaining your career allows you to apply the principles and strategies learned in our courses to your workplace in real-time. Our online campus is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can learn at your convenience.


Why Invest in OHS Professional Development?

Safety is now recognized as an essential component of an organization’s overall health. Employers need safety advisors who can provide credible advice on central questions like safety program design, operational risk assessment, incident investigation and analysis, environmental management, and more. Without formal academic and professional credentials, safety professionals may now find themselves to be at a distinct disadvantage. Modern safety practitioners who continuously pursue knowledge through OHS education have a healthier understanding of larger questions around corporate culture, relationship based leadership, the significance of leadership in an OHS role, and stakeholder engagement than in the past.

OHS Programs

Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP)

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The online Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP) is the product of extensive collaboration with OSHE professionals in the workplace. Professionals from across North America have participated in the program’s curriculum development process.

This collaboration ensures that the range of skills and knowledge provided in the online CHSEP program are effectively equipping today’s OSHE practitioners with the necessary and relevant competencies they require. Also, the curriculum is not limited to a particular jurisdiction’s legislative framework; rather, it is a far-reaching collection of ‘best practices’ as identified by OSHE professionals from a wide range of jurisdictions and legislative backgrounds.

The online CHSEP program is unique among other OSH certificate programs, in that, its focus is on the essential process skills required to succeed as an OSH practitioner in your jurisdiction, rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of the field. CHSEP participants will develop their ability to identify, prioritize and manage workplace risks, thereby making a significant contribution to their organization’s goals.

To learn more about the CHSEP program including tuition, courses, timeline and admissions please download the brochure.

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Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: Basic Level

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The UFred Psychological Health and Safety courses are delivered fully-online and asynchronously, meaning that participants can move through the courses on a self-paced schedule. This convenient, flexible delivery method allows for employees and leaders to participate in the courses and apply their knowledge in real-time.

Our Introductory Level Course is designed to bring employees of all levels and abilities up-to-speed on basic psychological health and safety in the workplace principles and how best to maintain an environment that protects these concepts. Those who successfully complete the Basic Level Course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work

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Our online Certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work begins with an introductory course on PH&S concepts. The focus then shifts to managing psychological health issues of individual employees with two additional courses. The courses provide in-depth learning on key principles and considerations for managers in supporting employees with psychological health issues, as well as enhancing managers’ emotional intelligence skills in managing emotionally distressed employees.

This Certificate is suitable for those in management roles supporting the individual employee experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues or disorders. As such, those working in management roles across industries and organizations will find this Certificate to be beneficial.

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Advanced Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

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Our online Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace consists of the introductory course, plus four additional courses, and provides a solid knowledge-base about how to plan, implement, and evaluate psychological health and safety programs in the context of the National Standard.

This level of the Certificate is designed for organizational leaders implementing workplace health and safety management systems for all employees. Those working in supervisory positions within Occupational Health and Safety units, Human Resources departments, or any other department that may be responsible for implementing an overarching organizational health strategy, including mental health, for a body of employees will find this Certificate to be beneficial.

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Enhancing Workplace Resiliency

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With a range of common stressors vying for employees’ attention at any given time, it is important that employees understand how to manage and cope with these stressors in ways that are healthy and productive. In the Enhancing Workplace Resiliency course, learners will obtain the knowledge needed to positively cope with stress through six engaging modules.

The modules address various topics, including stress and the mental health continuum, realistic thinking, behavioural activation, the significance of sleep, diet, and exercise, relaxation and stress management, and thriving in times of stress.

Through the Centre for Psychological Health Sciences, the University of Fredericton pairs with leading experts and organizations in psychological health and safety in the workplace. This online course was fully developed by Dr. Joti Samra, an innovator in the area of psychological health and wellness in the workplace and Program Lead at the Centre for Psychological Health Sciences, and Dr. Rakesh Jetly, NATO’s first research chair in military mental health.

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Contact Rita

If you are interested in these programs for either yourself or your organization, please contact Rita either by email: or phone number: Nigeria +234-8066161947, UK +44-7510018620