We Want Employers to Want Our Grads

Sure, we want our graduates to get ahead, but we want them to get ahead through their ability to make a real and substantial positive impact on your organization’s performance. That comes from being able to thoroughly understand your organization and its environment, being able to recognize and articulate opportunities for your organization to improve its performance, being able to win support from senior managers and colleagues, and being able to plan and implement for success.

Our programs and courses have been designed by a special corps of highly qualified professors who have deep and successful experience in both professional practice and academia, and who are determined to provide our graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills, judgment and leadership to move your organization ahead. And your opinion about our graduates matters – if you do employ a UFred graduate, we’ll be in touch to get your honest feedback!

Consider Hosting a Major Applied Project

Some of our programs require our graduates to undertake a major applied project. In our EMBA, students are required to complete a wrap-up Integration Project, tackling a real management challenge in a real company, of sufficient magnitude to interest that company’s executive team.

An example of one such project, an EMBA team conducted a detailed feasibility study for the Canadian operation of a multinational manufacturer, and won senior management’s support for a pilot waste heat recovery program, with the objective of rolling the program out over North American operations. Executive buy-in is mandatory for completion.

If our students do their job well, you’ll receive an analysis and report worth perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in a consulting firm’s equivalent. If you and your company would be interested in hosting such a major applied project, please click here to request more information, or call 1-506-454-6232 ext. 202.

Seeking a Grad with a Particular Profile?

If you’re an employer looking for a graduate with a particular profile, we’ll be happy to connect you with a short set of new or recent graduates who match your requirements. Please click here for more information or to send a message, or call 1-506-454-6232 ext. 202.