About the University

The University of Fredericton is committed to providing its learners with a high quality academic experience and in representing the very best values of Canada to international learners working in a flat world.

Our commitment to academic quality is reflected in our curricula, faculty, learner support services and academic oversight process. Our internal academic oversight process is further strengthened by our ability to track and analyze data and metrics related to learner performance and satisfaction.

The University of Fredericton is governed by the Board of Directors, the University’s Academic Board, the governance of the New Brunswick Ministry and Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour in accordance with provisions established under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act, and the compliance to institutional and academic programme standards as administered by the Maritime’s Post-Secondary Higher Education Commission.

Vision, Mission & Values

The University of Fredericton’s vision is to empower learners globally to achieve their goals through accessible, applied professional education. Our mission is to provide a fully compatible, individually-centered lifelong learning path for the world’s professionals that enhance individual performance. Core values of the University of Fredericton include integrity, passion, mutual trust, mutual respect, learning, and competency.

Objectives & Goals



We aspire to be among the top five online graduate level business schools in Canada.

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We will exemplify integrity and maintain the capacity to provide the highest quality of relevant education for our students; and we will foster a spirit of collaboration with students, alumni, employers and key stakeholders to assist in attaining our mission and fulfilling our aspiration.

We will:

  • Attract first class students;
  • Employ top quality faculty;
  • Develop first to market programs;
  • Provide online learning environments with educational outcomes;
  • Leverage diversity through programs in the private, public and non-profit sectors;
  • Balance theory and best practices;
  • Cultivate strong external networks.

We believe the trends in global business promise dynamic shifts:

  • That in order to handle both the opportunities, problems and the challenges of a flat world, the next competitive advantage is collaboration;
  • That collaboration is deeply embedded in new forms of technology, innovation, practices, and in communities and social networks;
  • That successful countries and organizations are successful because they are already practicing collaborative relationships and leadership characterized by individual freedom, democratic processes, transparent and flexible structures, mutual trust and respect and the ability to handle high degrees of complexity;
  • That high complexity and unlimited opportunities requires openness, opportunity and hope rather than limits, suspicion and grievance;
  • That lifelong learning is a necessity;
  • That students will increasingly look for education that allows them to maximize their personal and professional potential with a minimum amount of disruption to their lives;
  • Our mission is therefore to provide the best Canadian higher education to students from all over the world to create tomorrow’s leaders.

We will prepare advanced students to manage effectively as business professionals in a range of leadership roles, and equip them with the intellectual foundation to deal with the challenges they will face in the changing global environment.

Through our online delivery system we strive to provide focused academic and professional graduate level education programs to students with a preferred orientation toward online learning and those with limiting situational constraints, to achieve professional aspirations and personal goals.

About Our Logo

About Our Logo

The anchor for your journey and your career-long connection to learning and the greater UFred community.

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The presence of a shield in the University of Fredericton (UFred) logo is in accordance with university tradition, which captures the importance of being well equipped to face life’s challenges. The stylized maple leaf captures our Canadian origin, while the veins within the leaf itself suggest a student’s lifelong learning path that may lead in many directions. The stem of the leaf is representative of the University of Fredericton, which is the anchor for your journey and your career-long connection to learning and the greater UFred community.



To offer contemporary & comprehensive business education

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We will achieve our goal in a variety of ways:

  • Maintain continuous improvement of curricula to respond to the changing needs for business education and business operation;
  • Infuse our teaching with real world applicability;
  • Develop international alliances that add value to our teaching;
  • Offer high quality executive and professional leadership development programs that are relevant to business and organizational needs;
  • Ensure the maximum use of technology by heavily integrating information technology into all course content and delivery;
  • Espouse ethics as a winning characteristic of organizations that are successful over the long-term;
  • Continue our commitment of outstanding faculty performance in exemplifying business knowledge (practical experience), developing business knowledge (research), and in delivering that knowledge (teaching).


Our goal is to offer and seek support for faculty and student pursuits toward high quality research and scholastic activities on topics or issues of leadership and management confronting business organizations and operations. We will achieve our goal in several ways:

  • Employ an institutional fund and program to support and encourage research and scholastic production;
  • Infuse our research with real world applicability and opportunity;
  • Develop international alliances that add value to our research;
  • Support and initiate collaboration with other academic institutions, associations, research entities/professionals, and businesses.

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