Master Certificate in Human Resource Leadership

Why is this program needed?

Many advanced human resource professionals understand the significant impact that strategic HR initiatives can have on the bottom line and the overall success of an organization. When integrated with an understanding of business practices and motivations, HR programs can be particularly powerful. By collaborating with similarly motivated professionals, HR leaders can now learn to advance the strategic success of their companies completely online through the Master Certificate program.


The Master Certificate in Human Resource Leadership is comprised of 4-courses:

  • 3-Human Resource Leadership curriculum courses
  • 1-Consulting Project course

Finish the program in 7 months:

  • 7-weeks per Human Resource Leadership curriculum course
  • 7-weeks for the Consulting Project course

The Online Experience

To maximize the global learning experience, students participate in exclusive vClasses (virtual classes) instructed by accomplished leaders from global organizations and post-secondary institutions. Students work on case studies and projects with colleagues from around the world, allowing them the unique ability to grasp complex concepts from a global perspective.

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Human Resource Leadership Curriculum:

HRL 8070 – Compensation Management

Compensation is a powerful tool for motivating, attracting, and retaining high caliber employees necessary to drive organizational success. The focus of the course is on aligning compensation systems to motivate, attract, and retain the type of employees necessary to drive strategic initiatives. For many organizations, compensation is a major expense and this course explores opportunities for cost efficiencies. The details necessary to consider when designing compensation systems and which factors should be weighed given organizational goals and constraints are examined. Students will develop the tools to evaluate compensation systems and to design appropriate, cost effective, systems that support organizational strategies.

Prerequisite: EMBA 7045 Strategic Human Resource Management, or MBA 5045 Strategic Human Resource Planning, or equivalent.

HRL 8071 – Training and Development

In today’s competitive environment intellectual capital is critical for organizational success. Training is the key to developing intellectual capabilities needed to drive an organization’s strategy. There are a bewildering array of training options open to organizations. The focus of this course is to guide students to assess the training needs of their organizations, develop appropriate training programs and evaluate and update those programs as needed. The ultimate goal is to develop the intellectual capital needed to move organizations forward.

HRL 8072 – Selection and Performance Management

In our rapidly changing business environment, it is more critical than ever to hire and evaluate the performance of employees. Selection and performance management are two related issues. Selection is concerned with hiring the best employees for the job while performance management deals with evaluating employee performance. There is good science behind the selection and evaluation of employees and this course will provide students with the appropriate tools to design valid selection systems and to create reliable performance management systems. Well-designed selection and performance management systems are critical to the strategic success of organizations.


MC 9000 – Consulting Project

The Master’s Certificate consulting project is a capstone course undertaken individually or with one other student. Under the supervision of a faculty member, the student will cooperate with a current organization and identify one or more issues with which the organization needs help. The project will involve the integration and synthesis of relevant knowledge acquired during the three other courses in their Certificate program. The consulting project is practically oriented rather than academic, but the student will need to include a literature review and include a discussion as to why the project is important in their area of study and how they will be applying the new knowledge from their specialty. The final deliverable is an approximately 25-35 double-spaced report which identifies one or more issues the organization faces and well-justified suggestions for how to remedy this situation. Alternatively, the students can write a business startup plan analysis if they themselves want to start a company or a non-profit organization.

Tammy Wall, Executive MBA alumna

“I have had several people comment at work on how they see a difference in how I approach challenges and opportunities since starting this course. There are many courses that are so directly applicable to what I do it has been easy to incorporate it into my day to day work.”

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