Continuing Education: Integrated Health & Safety Management

Background and Purpose  As a component of continued competence, OH&S, Human Resources, Disability Management, Nursing, and Allied Health practitioners are required to participate in ongoing education and to provide proof of successful completion of those courses. To address this need, the University of Fredericton is offering a series of online continuing education opportunities that include a competence component and a certificate of completion.

Target Learners  The Continuing Education (CE) Modules have been designed for OH&S, Occupational Health, Human Resources, Disability Management, Nursing, Allied Health, Legal, Insurance, and Business Management practitioners.

Enrolment Prerequisites  The CE Module candidate will have an interest or experience in OH&S, Occupational Health, Human Resources, Disability Management, Disability Insurance, and Business Management. Beyond this, it is essential that the candidate have access to a computer with an internet connection, and a minimum of six (6) hours study time for each module.

Benefits of Online Learning  The online CE Modules are offered entirely through web-based interactive instruction. This delivery method provides the learner with a quality educational experience that appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Here are some additional benefits to online learning:

  • It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can access your learning at your convenience from home, office or any other location that has an Internet-connected computer.
  • Online courses provide instruction that can be delivered ‘just in time’ – – when particular knowledge or skills are required to complete a work task.
  • Outside of the required textbook, everything you need to accomplish the teaching-learning objectives is provided via internet delivery.
  • Substantial savings in training costs, reductions in training time, elimination of travel requirements, plus improvement in staff retention and productivity, are offered through online learning.
  • The open registration format of the CE Modules frees you from traditional academic calendar schedules.

Your Career: Keep it Current  The University of Fredericton is pleased to offer these online CE Modules. They have been designed for individuals who have responsibility for managing and supporting workplace health, safety and well-being within their organization. The CE Modules will equip participants with the intellectual and practical skills needed to contribute widely to their organizations’ goals including identifying, prioritizing, and managing workplace risks.

The content, which was designed and approved by senior practitioners, focuses on providing generic process skills, and is not tied to any particular regulatory or jurisdictional framework. Graduates will acquire skills that transfer seamlessly from one location another, and from industry to industry.

The CE Modules will be of interest to a wide range of learners, from management to labour representatives, joint safety and health committee members, practicing safety coordinators, occupational health nurses, ergonomic specialists, government inspectors, actuarial professionals, workers’ compensation strategists, insurers, lawyers, allied health care practitioners, and industrial leaders interested in human capital development. The generic nature of the program will appeal to Canadian, as well as international audiences. These CE Modules will also assist professionals in preparing for the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) registration exams (; and for the Canadian Nurse Association, Certification in Occupational Health Nursing (

Credit for the completion of the CE Modules is available from associations such as Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE), Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP), Canadian Nurses Association (CAN), and many others.

The CE Modules are delivered entirely online and use an independent study methodology allowing learners to undertake them at any time. The CE Module topics include:

CE 001 - DMP: Basic Medical Terminology & Pharmacology

CE 002 - IWHM: Health Promotion vs Health Protection vs Illness/injury Prevention*

CE 003 - IWHM: Factors that Impact Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being*

CE 004 - IWHM: Impact of Change on Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being*

CE 005 - IWHM: Drivers for Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being*

CE 006 - IWHM: Impact of Leadership and Culture on Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being*

CE 007 - IWHM: Program Components and Functions*

CE 008 - IWHM: Hazards in the Workplace*

CE 009 - IWHM: Health Protection Programs: Components and Functions*

CE 010 - IWHM: Illness & Injury Management Programs: Components and Functions*

CE 011 - IWHM: Impact of Work-Life Balance on Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being*

CE 012 - IWHM: Building a Business Case*

CE 013 - IWHM: Role of the Various Stakeholders*

CE 014 - IWHM: Toxic Work Environments: How to Neutralize Them*

CE 015 - IWHM: National Standard on Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace*

CE 016 - IWHM: Organization Behaviour and Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being

CE 017 - DMP: Communication, Negotiation and Mediation

CE 018 - Effective Business Communication

CE 100*

Required Textbook  The CE Modules identified with an asterick (*), use Occupational Health & Safety: Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice (the 2 or 3rd edition) ISBN: 9780433478966) as the required textbook.

Certificate of Completion  Upon successful completion of the CE Modules (completion of the CE Module within 5 weeks and a mark of 70% on the Module quiz), the learner obtains a Certificate of Completion from the University of Fredericton.

Certificate in Integrated Workplace Health Management*   For learners who successfully complete the fourteen (14) Integrated Workplace Health Management CE Modules, they can choose to apply for a Certificate in Integrated Health Management (CIHM). This entails the completion of three competency assessments each requiring a pass mark of 70%.

Tuition Fees  Tuition for the CE Modules is $230.00 CAD per module. For the Certificate in Integrated Workplace Health Management (CIHM) – CE 100, the tuition fee is $350.00 CAD.

Refund Policy The University of Fredericton is pleased that you have decided to take on the challenge of learning new skills and advancing your competency and career. We look forward to having you study with us. Because unforeseen circumstances occur, we would like you to take a moment to read our refund policy for CE Modules.


  • If withdrawal from the course is within the first week, we will refund the entire course tuition paid less $75 administration fee.
  • If withdrawal from the course is after the first week, we will be unable to refund the course fee.

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*The University of Fredericton certificate and diploma programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue career, work, and/or personal interest objectives. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed or promoted in any particular job or career path.

**Unless specifically cited, the University of Fredericton makes no representations or warranties as to whether our certificate or diploma programs meet specific professional association, provincial and/or national regulatory/licensure requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate regulatory entity for such information. Although certain University programs are designed to meet educational content and contact hour requirements, and prepare students to take specific certification or qualification exams; the University cannot guarantee that individual students will pass those exams.


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