Certificate in Integrated Disability Management

Background and Purpose  Organizations become interested in disability management as a result of increased disability claim rates and costs, as well as the need to become compliant with the law.  Many disability management programs were once reactive in nature, however, the more mature and developed that disability management programs become, the better they are at recognizing that disability management is most effective when integrated and embedded into the strategies and cultures of organizations. Like other business functions, competent professionals and practitioners are needed to govern, steward, and lead companies’ disability management programs. Through the use of a systematic and formalized learning approach, our online Certificate in Integrated Disability Management program addresses theory, strategies, and industry practice of disability management. The program enables participants to attain the knowledge, skills, tools, and practical application experience, to succeed in their workplace as a Disability Management Practitioner.

For Whom is this Program Designed  Our online Certificate in Integrated Disability Management program is designed for professionals working in a range of occupations; such as: nurses, allied health professionals, human resources and personnel managers, workers’ compensation and private insurers, union leaders, and business managers. All of these professionals have a need for disability management in their organizations. Our unique certificate program will assist these practitioners in advancing their careers.

Following the University of Fredericton’s Lifelong Learning Path philosophy, once students complete the Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM), they may enter the advanced stream of disability management by enrolling in the Online Professional Diploma in Integrated Disability Management (DIDM) program.

Program Description  The online Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) is designed to introduce an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the concepts and practices of disability management. Completely delivered online, the certificate provides participants a highly interactive learningexperience that enables them to learn and apply the integrated disability management skills and practices.

Learning Environment and Expectations  The CIDM consists of two courses which are 8 weeks in length each.  Classes operate similarly to a traditional classroom setting, except that classes are online. These liveonline classes are called virtual classrooms (or vClasses) and are scheduled at the same time (7:00 PM ET) each week for 8 weeks, and last approximately 60 – 90 minutes. Vclasses are led by your instructor and are interactive in that you will have the opportunity during class to communicate with your instructor and fellow classmates. In addition to your online classroom sessions, you will be expected to complete weekly assignments and readings which may require a further 4 – 6 hours per week.

The Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) program requires applicants to have access to a computer with an Internet connection, and a headset with a microphone. A working knowledge of MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, and Internet use is required.

This is an applied course, and as such, students are expected to demonstrate how the integrated disability management concepts apply to the workplace and the organizational environment.

The course is taught in English, therefore, students are required to have a relatively strong understanding of the English language and business writing.

Benefits of Online Learning  The Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM)  program is offered entirely through web-based interactive instruction. This delivery method provides the student with a quality educational experience that appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Some additional benefits to online learning include:

  • 24/7 Availability – You can access your learning at your convenience from home, office, or any other location or device, with access to the Internet.
  • Accessible Learning Resources – Everything you need to accomplish the learning objectives is provided via online delivery with the exception of the required textbooks which must be acquired independently. In most courses, a combination of online, self-paced instruction, and online virtual classroom (vClass) sessions with classmates and the instructor is used.
  • Networking – Interaction with fellow students is enabled through chat rooms, online forums, and live synchronous sessions.
  • Time and Cost-Savings – Sponsoring agents realize substantial savings in training costs, reductions in training time, elimination of travel requirements, plus improvement in staff retention and productivity.

Continuing Education Credits  Professional designations and certification programs in Canada and the United States include a continuing education component. For example, the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals requires proof of continuing education by the holders of the CRSP designation. Similarly, those practitioners who earned a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, nursing license, medical license, NIDMAR certificates, or Case Management Certificate (USA), all need continuing education credits to remain in “good standing” with their respective credential granting bodies.

The Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) is granted by the University of Fredericton, a recognized educational institution in Canada. As such, the courses and programs taken through the University of Fredericton may be recognized for continuing education credit.

Program Outline  The CIDM program is designed to provide skills-based learning. The core courses are integral to competent practice in the field of Disability Management. The CIDM Program has two core courses.

Program Curriculum

IDMP 311 - Disability Management Introduction

IDMP 312 - Disability Management Essential Program Elements

Program Duration  Students can expect to complete the Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (CIDM) in four months.


  • Individual Courses: $950.00 (CAD)
  • Complete program cost: $1,900 (CAD)

Upcoming Start Dates:

May 8, September 4

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*The University of Fredericton certificate and diploma programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue career, work, and/or personal interest objectives. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed or promoted in any particular job or career path.

**Unless specifically cited, the University of Fredericton makes no representations or warranties as to whether our certificate or diploma programs meet specific professional association, provincial and/or national regulatory/licensure requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate regulatory entity for such information. Although certain University programs are designed to meet educational content and contact hour requirements, and prepare students to take specific certification or qualification exams; the University cannot guarantee that individual students will pass those exams.


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