Why UFred

Commitment to Academic Quality

We are committed to providing our learners with a high quality academic experience. Our commitment to academic quality is a belief and a commitment that is reflected in our curricula, faculty, student support services and academic oversight process. Our internal academic oversight process is further strengthened by our ability to track and analyze data and metrics related to learner performance and satisfaction.

Exclusive Focus on Online Education

Our academic programs have been designed solely for online delivery. Our curriculum design offers flexibility and promotes a high level of interaction, our faculty is specifically trained to deliver online education, and our learner support infrastructure was developed to track learner progress and performance to meet the needs of online learners.

Academic Programs Designed for Working Adults

Our academic programs are specifically designed to meet the educational objectives of working adults. Our curricula and pedagogy are designed to enable learners to apply relevant knowledge in their workplace.

Extensive Student Support Services

We provide extensive student support to serve each learner’s primary point of contact. Our support services include: academic services, such as advising, writing and research services; administrative services, such as online class registration and transcript requests.

A Continual Focus on Learner Success and Experience

Our commitment to helping our learners reach their educational and professional goals guides the development of our curricula, the recruitment and training of our faculty and staff, and the design of our support services. We believe our focus on learner success will continue to enhance learner satisfaction, leading to higher levels of learner engagement, retention and referrals.


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University of Fredericton
The University of Fredericton is accredited. All Canadian universities are approved under their own province's Degree Grant Act. The University of Fredericton is approved by the Province of New Brunswick under Section 3 of the Degree Granting Act.
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