The University of Fredericton is committed to providing its learners with a high quality academic experience and in representing the very best values of Canada to international learners working in a flat world.

Our commitment to academic quality is reflected in our curricula, faculty, learner support services and academic oversight process. Our internal academic oversight process is further strengthened by our ability to track and analyze data and metrics related to learner performance and satisfaction.

The University of Fredericton is governed by the Board of Directors, the University’s Academic Board, the governance of the New Brunswick Ministry and Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour in accordance with provisions established under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act, and the compliance to institutional and academic programme standards as administered by the Maritime’s Post-Secondary Higher Education Commission.

Academic Board Constitution

The University of Fredericton has parallel lines of authority, with academic issues brought up through faculty, Deans, and ultimately to the Chair of the Academic Board, while the financial dimensions are brought up through a parallel organization on the business side. The result is that there is a place for advocacy of academic issues that is not automatically trumped by financial considerations while exercising the best management practices.

Academic Organization & the Roles of University Officers

The respective powers, duties and responsibilities for officers of the University are set forth in the Bylaws of the Board of Directors, the University’s Academic Board Constitution, and adopted University Policies.

The President of the University is the chief administrative officer of the University and has the responsibility for the appointment of the Provost and Vice Presidents, and with the Provost for the appointment of Deans, and approval of other Departmental leaders. The President represents the University and is its executive agent empowered with general supervision of the affairs of the University.

The Provost and V.P. Academics is the chief executive officer next in authority to the President, and serves as President of the University’s Academic Board. The responsibilities associated with this position include the supervision of the academic programs of the entire University, the development and administration of the University academic policies and programmes, and attend to the affairs of the Academic Board. Above all, the Office of the Provost ensures that the needs of students, faculty and staff are met.

Deans of the University have responsibilities for supervising and correlating the instructional, and educational activities of the colleges. The Deans have primary responsibility for the curricula of the University’s programmes, for faculty recruitment, for the assignment of duties for personnel within their offices, for the quality of service rendered by those individuals; and provide recommendations to the Provost regarding salary increases, promotions, actions on all appointments or non-reappointments/terminations within their respective academic programme(s).

Associate and Assistant Deans provide support to the Deans in various capacities including academic, personnel, budgetary and student issues.

Course and Area Coordinators serve as the chief representative of expertise within an academic subject and/or specialty fields of study. The position of a Coordinator is established by appointment on an annual and as needed basis. Individuals serving in these positions are responsible for communicating and administering policies and procedures of the University and for coordinating the development of a consistency-organized arrangement of curricula. Together with the appropriate Dean, the Coordinator is charged with the recruiting and professional development of new faculty; and making recommendations to the appropriate Dean for faculty appointments, reappointments, promotions, salary increases and terminations of service. The Coordinator is also expected to consult in a formalized way with the appropriate Dean on matters of faculty status.

Academic Board

Board of Directors

Program Advisory Council

International Council


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The University of Fredericton is accredited. All Canadian universities are approved under their own province's Degree Grant Act. The University of Fredericton is approved by the Province of New Brunswick under Section 3 of the Degree Granting Act.
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